Discipling the Nations
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Discipling the Nations
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Common Core Curriculum
Did you know: 87% of christian schools
don't integrate the Bible into their curriculum
subject matter.
King’s Way Classical Academy presents a homeschool curriculum of over 60 online courses focusing on critical thinking and communication skills. At each stage students work to master these key disciplines, which have been expunged from the government schools. The King’s Way homeschool curriculum sets the new benchmark for online classical education, steeped in the living Word of God, integrated into every course. This is your only defense against forced vaccination, Social Darwinism, and Common Core Curriculum in the public schools.

For Grades 7-12!

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The "$1,000 Annual Tuition" is a scholarship award.
Tuition slashed from $285 to $199 per month.
Social Darwinism

Students may graduate with “Minor in [career]” on their diploma. It takes 5 electives in a technical area such as Electronics, Culinary, Carpentry, Healthcare, Plumbing, etc

King’s Way offers Dual Credit classes with a Christian college AND a Dual Enrollment course of study for same day diploma & BS/BA. Save an average $100,000 college tuition while completing a classical curriculum. Eliminate the headache of ACT testing, AP exams, student loan debt, etc.

Get a quick handle on the tenor of homeschool programs at King’s Way. Then decide if it’s a good fit for you.

King’s Way strives to make Christ King over church, state, family, medicine, law, art and everything else. 

How to Give Your Child a Classical Christian Education at Home

Fasten your seat belt for a journey through time. Animates and integrates subjects of the online classical school.


Homeschool curriculum

Dave White

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Research Scientist
Email: research@cctruth.org
Homeschool programs

Reverend, Dr. Paul Michael Raymond,

Great Books & Shakespeare

Email: pastor@hisglory.us

John Forster

American Government, History & Economics

Email: john.forster@zoho.com
online classical education for middle school


 All students need & deserve “The Lost Tools of Learning” in the Trivium: Latin vocabulary, logic, rhetoric & debate (Proverbs 2:6). These plus the Quadrivium are the 7 traditional Liberal Arts.





The Seat of Learning
(A 4-Legged Stool)

classical online classes for high school
Online classical school






The Quadrivium is the elective, usually math-related, applications of the Trivium.  Our optional Un-College program lets you earn your BS/BA & HS diploma same day – save $100K tuition & get a 4-year headstart on life.

Option For High School Diploma
With Career Pathway Electives (5 courses for Minor)

Elective career pathways may start as early as the 7th grade for Trades or the Un-College Program in conjunction with classical online classes for high school. Instead of the King’s Way Un-College program, explore a career in the trades, while earning your high school diploma online. Choose from today’s most in-demand fields like healthcare, automotive, or child care to name a few. In most cases, these electives can transfer to a Career School or College program to launch your dream career! Call now for information about these optional career electives:

online classical education for high schoolers


Click edit Interested in a career as an auto repair technician? Learn about engines, tools and equipment for repair, and basic functions of HVAC systems.
AP exams


Interested in a career as a carpenter? Learn how to read construction blueprints and understand building codes, and how to do residential framing.
CLEP exams

Child Care Professional

The child care industry is growing! Learn effective strategies and basics of health, safety and nutrition for working in a child care setting.
CLEP exams

Culinary Arts

Explore a career as a chef, and learn fundamental recipes for making stocks, sauces and soups and how to cook a variety of meats.
AP exams


Want to learn how to become a plumber online? Learn to service and plan plumbing systems, and how to service HVAC and AC systems.
Student loan debt


Interested in becoming an Electrician? Learn about electrical components, conductors, wiring, lighting, heating and climate control.
dual enrollment course


The healthcare industry is rapidly growing. Learn the foundations of medical terminology, office procedures and pharmacology.
Homeschool curriculum summary

Information Technology

Learn basic and advanced PC applications, basic programming and HTML coding and how to create a database.
Homeschool programs

Veterinary Assistant

There is growing demand for veterinary professionals. Gain the knowledge, skills, and terminology required to take the first step toward working at an animal clinic, an animal hospital, or a research lab


What others are saying

Classical Online Education

“Nobody else summarizes the Biblical perspective on the classics like Keys to the Classics — it is short and right to the point. It’s nice to know that you’ve picked out what is important so I don’t have to read so much. The analysis is very good with the focus on what the Bible says about the function of the state.”
Adelaide Smith
Homeschool Grandmother.

Online Classical Education For High Schoolers

“I’ve been wanting to express my gratitude to you. My sister and I have been very blessed by the Lord through you. He has used you as a great instrument to open our eyes to see the “real picture” of history and present life. We have learned so much from your works along with Pastor Raymond’s guide. May God give us the wisdom to apply the Truth in every aspect of our lives.”
Gabby H

Online Classical Education For Middle School

“I decided to take my two sons out of public school today. It was a hard decision to make because I have 4 children and my husband is disabled and I am a college student myself. I ran across your site and I’m very excited. I had tried to get my children into a Christian academy but I just don’t have the money. ”
Wendy Wright
College student and Mother


The World's First Christian Un-CollegeOver half of Christian students abandon their faith when they leave home to attend secular American universities. Even most Christian colleges are not much better. New Geneva Leadership Academy offers spiritually safe, high quality career preparation…

Most Christian/Conservative parents send their children off to public school with little thought of what the outcome will be. Surveys reveal that 70% of Christian kids will lose their faith by the time of graduation. Parents seem unaware or unconcerned.…

One of the great myths of public school instruction is that it’s non-religious and therefore neutral and harmless. Christian parents habitually reject solid Biblical alternatives in favor of the allegedly “free” public school system. It’s so-so easy to fall into…

Top-Ten Reasons To Get Your Kids Out of the Public Schools Today #10: The public/state-run schools have outlawed Christ and are therefore anti-Christ (I Jn. 2:22). #9: Participating in public/state-run schools endorses an institution committed to the unbiblical, humanist worldview.…

Can you believe what happened in the last Virginia’s gubernatorial debate? One of the candidates, Democrat and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared, out loud, what many have always suspected the liberal/progressive/elites have always felt, that parents shouldn’t have a say…

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