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Student Aid

Participatory Scholarships

Although Kings Way doesn’t offer traditional scholarships because our tuition is so low, there is an exciting option for reducing the cost of your child’s education even further. Kings Way needs your help to get the word out to prospective home school families and we’d like to make it worth your while. It is simple as 1-2-3:
1) For every student that enrolls in the “$1,000 Diploma Program” as a result of your introducing them to Kings Way, you will receive a $100 rebate from your annual tuition fee. Simply have the enrolling student or parents inform the school that you introduced them to the program on their enrollment form.
The funds will be credited to your account on the same basis they choose to pay: if they pay the full tuition, you will be credited the $100 at that point. If they opt for the 4-month payment plan, you will be credited $100 at the end of 4 months.
The incentive does not apply to the re-enrollment of any student, but only to new students never before enrolled. But think about it: if you facilitate the enrollment of ten new students, your student attends school at no tuition charge to you. Let each new enrolling family know that they also can get credit for students they enroll for the first time.
2) For example, you enroll your son or daughter into the $1000 diploma program.
Now, let’s say you refer two additional students to Kings Way and they both sign up for the same diploma program. You gain a $200 discount from the normal $1000 Diploma tuition when they make note in their enrollment request emails that you referred them, reducing the cost of your tuition to $800.
3) So get involved in paying for your own tuition as you contact your home school friends, through Facebook, other social media, or a church youth group. Learn about marketing by doing it. Make it a school art project to produce brochures and other promotional materials, to hand out at group meetings.
This is a genuine win-win for everybody. Be part of the team that makes Kings Way grow and reform education back to what it should be!

Classical Rudiments

‘Every child deserves the rudiments of a classical Christian education at a nominal cost” ($25 per course)

The “Rudiments” option works best for Middle School students, grades 7 & 8. In the “Rudiments” option you pay $250 for 10 courses self-taught, computer-graded and archived for you. Choose fromthe 15 course options listed below. These are the introductory course in every subject sequence.
Rudiments students also have access to instructors for questions on the forum boards pertaining to each course. but no access to classes. Most study material is online, but there may be a few required or optional textbooks.
This gives you a year of classical, Christian education at home, for little more than the normal cost of textbooks. During the year you can evaluate your options for the following year, with many students seguing seamlessly into the $1,000 tuition program. Or you may transfer grades to any other school of your choice.
Biblical integration is the hallmark of these courses. Sadly, about 90% of Christian schools and curriculum do not integrate the Bible into their courses. Typically, the schools tack on a few Bible courses, but the rest of the curriculum is, in effect, humanist or “baptized humanism.” This shows up in Biblical Worldview testing of the Nehemiah Institute, in which the average Christian school student in America is graduating with a “Socialist” worldview.
Register on the home page at www.KingsWayClassicalAcademy.com. You are first linked to the enrollment form, then to the shopping cart where you enter the number “10” in the $25 option.