Savings and Benefits

Savings and Benefits

Kings Way Classical Academy offers the benefits of a classical Christian education at the lowest price on the internet. Our goal is to 1) assist cash-strapped home schoolers, and 2) offer a quality education priced low enough to compete with the public schools. The “$1000 Diploma Program” requires 22 credits for graduation.

God commands Christian parents to give their children a Christian education (Ps. 1, Dt. 6:7, Eph. 6:4). Why then are so many placing their children in an education system that legally denies Christ – that by definition is antichrist? Jesus said the student will be like his teacher.  Do we want our children to become like Christ or antichrist?  Christian children in the public schools are not evangelists. Rather, they are being evangelized subconsciously into the secular worldview.

Government schools are free only at the point of entry. When we take the “bait” of “free” education we violate the 8th Commandment. We are force our neighbors to pay for our child’s education under threat of having their home confiscated by the government. Tuition at King’s Way is so low ($1,000) that this should no longer be a temptation.

Public school graduates consistently complain that their education did not teach them 1) how to think, or 2) communicate their thoughts. Some have referred to these as “the lost tools of learning” and Kings Way specializes in sharpening these tools to a fine edge. Our specialty is helping students develop their Biblical worldview by guiding them in a Biblical analysis of the classical literature.

We also help existing Christian schools dramatically reduce their cost of instruction. King’s Way online Presenters use the “Resource Accelerator Model” (RAM) to team up with a local Proctor in the school. The Vidyo conferencing system allows home school students to join classrooms of expert teachers at local Christian schools anywhere.

For desktop to desktop instruction, we utilize the Scribblar cutting edge conferencing system.Scribblar turns your computer screen into a virtual classroom that you can access from anywhere in the world.

Don’t just take our word for it, when you can hear it from a host of satisfied customers. This kind of Christian education is essential for advancing of the Kingdom of God. If you agree and would like to help us keep costs low for our students, please consider making a contribution.

Another great way to help is booking a cabin on one of our annual Education-at-Sea cruises over Spring break. You don’t even have to be a student. Thank you in advance.

Participatory Scholarships are available for all enrolled students.