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Contact us: Give us a call to discuss if King’s Way is a good fit for your student: 503-433-7733
Kings Way was founded in 2000-2001 to serve homeschool families. However, we’ve expanded to partner with local Christian schools.
The emphasis is on assisting students develop a Biblical worldview integrated into every realm of creation via Biblical analysis of the Great Books. Simultaneous recovery of “the lost tools of learning” by development of critical thinking and communication skills.
King’s Way provides free mentoring for students working to receive their accredited Bachelor’s degree on the same day they get their high school diploma. This program typically saves $100,000 and 4 years of time, while avoiding the spiritual dangers of the college campus.
Each high school graduate is accredited by a local review committee much the same as a candidate for the doctoral degree. Character growth as well as academics is included in evaluation. This Biblical approach to accreditation was pioneered by Dr. James Bartlett, former member of the regional accreditation team at North Dakota State University.
Here’s a partial list of friends, affiliates, and school partners we’ve worked with. The Resource Accelerator Model, (RAM) team-teaching partnership can save local schools thousands of dollars
Under this model students meet twice a week with King’s Way online instructors and once with a local proctor in study hall. It works best for a K-8 Christian school desiring to add high school and can save up to $30,000 in the start-up phase alone.
This privacy statement & disclaimer relates to personal information King’s Way collects and how it’s used.
Prospective instructors or educational entrepreneurs interested in partnering with King’s Way may apply here application form.503-878-433-7733
The day the Towers came down. It was one of those handful of “Remember where you were when……?” moments that everybody experiences in life.
All were transfixed, watching the horror unfold before our eyes. Filtered through the corporate media lens to be sure, but nonetheless there it was.