1. Click here to enter the King’s Way Time Machine.  Once inside, please be seated, fasten your seat belt and relax. 
  2. Breath deeply.  The entire panorama of the space-time continuum will open before you and you will then be able to travel from century to century or into any historical era of your choice.  
  3. Do not panic!  Many others have made this same journey before you and all have returned safely.  Just follow the simple instructions on the dashboard in front of you. Do not at any time step outside of the Time Machine.
  4. Upon entry into an era or century of your choice the craft will decelerate and you will be presented with an array of events and key historical figures common to that era.  The lives of individuals will appear on the screen in front of you as bars of various lengths representing their life span.  The bars are color coded based on their life work. 
  5. You will be permitted to zoom in on the life of any of these individuals.  As you perform this maneuver you will become conscience of many facts about the individual.  This special knowledge will give you a certain power, so we request that you treat each of them with respect and do not abuse this power.   (Note:  many have found this knowledge useful for integrating the various courses of study at King’s Way Classical Academy.)
  6. You will have the sensation of hovering above the individual.  They will be unaware of your presence and will be unable to respond to you.  Please do not speak to them or do anything else that might inadvertently alter the course of past history.  You are only permitted to use this special knowledge to alter the future for good and to advance the Kingdom of God on earth.   Any other purpose is strictly prohibited.
  7. This knowledge will stick with you and accompany you after you return to the present and exit from the Time Machine.  Please do not abuse this privilege or violate the sacred trust of others who have made this journey before you.  You may use this Time Machine to visit the past as often as you wish, but only from this launch site.  Save the URL co-ordinates that appear in the window at the top of this page.   



776 BC                  First Olympic Games

753 BC                  Founding of Rome

525-406 BC         Attic Tragedians

490-479 BC         Persian War

450-429 BC         Pericles prominent

447-432 BC         Parthenon

431-404 BC         Peloponnesian War

375 BC  BC           Plato adopts Vedic Hindu Castes

336-323 BC         Alexander the Great

264-241 BC         First Punic War

218-201 BC         Second Punic War – Hannibal

146 BC                  Rome defeats Carthage & Corinth

133 BC                  Gracchus attempts land reforms

88-82 BC              Sulla Civil War

50s BC                   Julius Caesar Gaul campaigns

44 BC                     Assassination of Caesar

43 BC                     Invasion of Britain

43 BC                     2nd Triumvirate

64 AD                    Great fire in Rome

69 AD                    Year of 4 Emperors

70 AD                    Sack of Jerusalem

79 AD                    Eruption of Vesuvius

122-126 AD        Hadrian’s Wall in Britain

313 AD                 Constantine converted

330 AD                 Constantinople founded

395 AD                 Division of Roman Empire

410 AD                 Sack of Rome by Alaric

535 AD                 Mt Krackatoa eruption starts Dark Ages

800 AD                 Charlemagne crowned

800 AD                 Book of Kells

806 AD                 Norsemen sack monastery of Iona

878 AD                 Alfred burns cakes, defeats Danes

892 AD                 Anglo-Saxon Chronicle begun

911 AD                 Vikings settle in Normandy

1042-66 AD        Edward the Confessor

1066 AD               Battle of Hastings

1075-1122 AD   Investiture Dispute

1095 AD               First Crusade

1118 AD               Knights of the Temple

1158 AD               First students at Bologna

1154-89 AD        Henry II – Father of Common Law

1170 AD               Thomas a Beckett murdered

1189-92 AD        Third Crusade – Richard the Lion Heart

1199-1216 AD   King John Lackland

1215 AD               Magna Carta

1244 AD               Jerusalem falls to Muslims

1271 AD               Marco Polo serves Kublai Khan

1282-83 AD        Edward I conquers Wales

1306-29                Robert Bruce King of Scots

1337-1453 AD   Hundred Years War

1347-50                Black Death

1378-1417 AD   Great Papal Schism

1374 AD               Death of Petrarch

1415 AD               John Huss burned

1415 AD               Battle of Agincourt

1419 AD               Brunelleschi’s dome

1431 AD               Joah of Arc burned

1453 AD               Fall of Constantinople

1455 AD               Gutenburg Bible

1455-87 AD        Wars of Roses

1492 AD               Christopher Columbus

1498 AD               Vasco de Gama reaches India

1498 AD               Execution of Savonarola

1509 AD               Henry VIII King of England

1509 AD               Erasmus Praise of Folly

1519 AD               Charles V becomes Emperor

1521 AD               Magellan circumnavigation

1534 AD               Jesuits founded

1535 AD               Thomas More executed

1545-63 AD        Council of Trent

1553 AD               Mary I Queen of England

1558 AD               Elizabeth I Queen of England

1572 AD               St. Bartholomew Massacre

1572 AD               John Knox burned

1584 AD               William of Orange assassinated

1603 AD               James I King

1605 AD               Gunpowder Plot

1607 AD               Jamestown Colony

1620 AD               Plymouth Colony

1625 AD               Charles I King

1630-1640 AD   Puritan Great Migration

1633 AD               Galileo forced to recant

1642 AD               English Civil War begins

1643 AD               Louis XIV King of France

1648 AD               Treaty of Westphalia ends 30-yr War

1648 AD               George Fox founds Quakers

1649 AD               Charles I executed

1649 AD               Cromwell’s Protectorate

1741 AD               Edwards’ defense of Great Awakening

1751 AD               Encyclopedie begins publication

1786 AD               Lisbon earthquake

1756  AD              7-Years’ War begins

1768 AD               Cook’s first Pacific voyage

1769 AD               American Philosophical Society

1776 AD               American War of Independence

1769 AD               Spinning Jenny invented

1783 AD               Balloon ascent in Paris

1787 AD               U.S. Constitution Drafted

1789 AD               French Revolution begins

1792 AD               Wollstonecraft’s Rights of Women

1799 AD               Napoleon seizes power

1801 AD               Barbary War to end White slavery

1803 AD               Louisiana Purchase

1812 AD               War of 1812 ends White slavery

1828 AD               U.S. Tariff of Abominations

1828 AD               Anti-Masonic Party Founded

1830 AD               Indian Relocation Act

1859 AD               Terrorist raid on Harper’s Ferry

1861, Mar. AD   Corwin Amend. to legalize slavery

1861, Mar. AD   Morrill Act doubles Tariff to 40%

1861, Apr.  AD   Start American Civil War

1866-78 AD        Reconstruction alienates races

1868 AD               14th Amend.:  puts Bill-of-Rights on states

1890 AD               Sherman Anti-Trust Act

1913 AD               Fed/Income Tax/Direct Elect Senate

1917 AD               World War I, Balfour Agreement

1920-30                War on Alcohol, Prohibition 1

1933-39 AD        New Deal Socialism

1941 AD               World War II, atomic bomb

1963 AD               JFK assassination

1971 AD               War On Drugs, Prohibition 2

9/11/2001 AD    Twin Towers attack

2001 AD               War On Terror, Prohibition 3

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THE MODERN WORLD: Age of Relativism – 1900s

THE MODERN WORLD: Age of Romanticism – 1800s

THE MODERN WORLD: Age of Reason – 1700s

THE MODERN WORLD: Age of Revolution – 1600s

. THE MODERN WORLD: Age of Reformation – 1500s

THE MODERN WORLD: Age of Renaissance – 1300s & 1400s