Who was ConstantineConstantine (280?-337) was the first Christian emperor of Rome. Constantine had ruled jointly with Maxentius for a while, until Maxentius tried to take over. Constantine marched his much smaller force to meet Maxentius at the Tiber about 10 miles north of Rome. Aware of the occult connections of his foe, Constantine asked for Divine help. 

Who was AugustineAugustine (354-430 A.D.) was saved from Manicheanism through the prayers of his mother, Monica. The story of Augustine’s conversion from an immoral life is legendary. Monica, had prayed  for many years and often sought the advice of her local Bishop.  Annoyed with her persistence, he once told her, “A son of so many prayers cannot be lost.”

Who was JustinianJustinian (483-565) rose from Gothic peasantry to become Emperor of Byzantium due to his dazzling oratory. He married the actress, Theodora, who reigned as a forceful queen. He restored much of the original Roman Empire. When Justinian proposed to reconquer the Roman Empire, Constantinople revolted. Even the elite forces of the military genius Belisarius were at first unable to quell the revolt. Holed up in the palace, all of Justinian’s advisors counseled retreat by sea.