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THE MODERN WORLD: Age of Relativism – 1900s

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Einstein strenuously resisted the use of his theories for development of the atomic bomb

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Einstein was thoroughly committed to Zionism and a one world government as the path to peace.

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Einstein believed in God and relied heavily on Biblical law in the development of his theories.

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The theory of Special Relativity teaches us that truth is relative in every aspect of reality

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Einstein used his position at the Patent Office to gather ideas for his theories.

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Einstein’s scientific papers were always heavily documented with detailed footnotes.

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According to quantum physics, communication is dependent on a physical medium.

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The speed of light is constant in a vacuum, thus corroborating the constancy of truth

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Einstein’s popularity exploded due to his persuasive performance in numerous debates

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Einstein “stood on the shoulder of giants” in developing his theory and he was quick to say so.

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Lenin believed that the terror inspired by the guillotine of the French Revolution was too mild.

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The judgment of God on Russia must be laid 100% on the shoulders of Josef Stalin

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The horrors of the Soviet Gulag were the direct result of Russians breaking covenant with God

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The only man who was completely free of terror in the Gulag system was Josef Stalin himself

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The fall of Communism in 1989 was merely a public relations makeover and reshuffling of power

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In spite of his occasional excesses, the West was justified in accepting Stalin as an Ally in WW II.

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The merciless Tartars who invaded Russia in the 13th Century were disciples of Nietzsche.

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The bloody legacy of Communism covered nearly ¾ of the 19th Century

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The Bolsheviks ignited a revolution more brutal than any the world has ever seen.

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Alexandr Solzhenitsyn was on good terms with Vladimir Putin

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Toward the end of his life C.S. Lewis was leaning toward converting to Roman Catholicism

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Lewis rejected the efficacy of natural law among all men as the basis for public morality.

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Lewis seemed to affirm in poetry what he sometimes denied in prose

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Lewis used terms like Tao as synonyms for Biblical Law and a common link to the unbeliever.

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Jesus’ response to secret initiation into gnostic societies was to speak openly in parables.

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C.S. Lewis believed in baptismal regeneration.

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The evangelist must present all relevant evidence and demand the unbeliever deliver a verdict

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The most powerful evangelism challenges the unbeliever to disprove God’s veracity.

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Satan’s master strategy is secret initiation into inner-circles of knowledge and power

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C.S. Lewis is at his best in his detailed expose of Satanic devices and stratagems

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According to Dewey, truth is whatever works in the context of aggressive action.

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Law is the organization of energies which, when unorganized, conflict and result in violence.

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Evolution replaces God, with the state and social integration into the state the goal of education

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Dewey’s focus on practical action led to a de-emphasis on the teaching of history.

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The extravagant cost of Civil War forced Lincoln to delay building the transcontinental railroad.

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The traditional focus on stimulating the intellect left students unprepared for a career.

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The cost of education doubled between 1920 and 1996 under Dewey’s Progressive model.

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Dewey’s career-based utilitarianism required a focus on content-based education

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Dewey’s utilitarian emphasis led inevitably to a focus on career preparation.

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The career model of education has produced students increasingly fit for the job market.

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The philosophy of Freud quite naturally led to an outbreak of crime and the “*sexual revolution.”

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The Psychiatrist sides with the oppressive Superego against the false accusations of the ID

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Freud performed an invaluable service by assigning each abnormal behavior a medical name

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Central to the Christian Counseling process is confession to God & other offended parties.

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Central to the Christian Counseling process is confession to God & other offended parties.

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Reliance on religion is a form of neurosis, that is irrational or depressive behavior.

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Freud encouraged men to seek divine forgiveness instead of self-forgiveness.

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Christian pastors yielded to psychologists supposed superior understanding of human nature.

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Since Freud it is obvious that Lawbreakers are victims of society rather than violators of justice

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Thanks to psychoanalysis incidence of mental illness has dropped dramatically in the 20th Century

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