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The Great Books

Keys to the Classics, Student Manual, Vol. 1: A Biblical Analysis of the Great Books of Western Civilization

Includes Biblical analysis of 50 classical authors (Homer to Van Til) Student emerges from this study with a rock solid Biblical worldview. Each essay covers biography, historical background, summary, historical implications, Biblical analysis, and application. Similar to the popular CliffNotes, but from a Christian perspective. Includes quiz questions for each essay to test student understanding, plus reading excerpts in the classics and discussion questions. Memory icon/keys help students grasp basic theme of each philosopher. 200+ pages


Keys to the Classics: Teacher’s Guide, Vol. 1:
A Biblical Analysis of the Great Books of Western Civilization

Includes objectives and lesson planning guide. Explains how to use the course at home or in the classroom. Answers to quiz questions and 500 open-end questions
posed in the Student Manual makes this Guide an easily understood, philosophical
treatise in its own right — Some are even calling this Philosophy for Dummies. 200+ pages


Keys to the Classics, Student Manual, Vol. 2:
A History of the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization

What is God’s Great Controversy with Western Civilization?

No more trite answers. Everybody knows Western Civilization is on the ropes and it’s much deeper than politics. Here’s a, penetrating analysis of Western Civilization that pulls no punches. 243 pages.
No more taking our patriotic clichés for granted – God bless America
No more glossing over the flaws of our historical icons – Mt. Rushmore
No more blind loyalty to cultural idols – U.S. Constitution
No more American Exceptionalism – My Country right or Wrong
No more turning a deaf ear to our international critics – Yankee go home
EVERYTHING we’ve held near and dear must be dragged kicking and screaming into the bright spotlight of historical review. EVERYTHING must be challenged in light of God’s Word. Somewhere along the line we got off track. It’s much deeper than returning to “the original intent of the U.S. Constitution.”


Keys to the Classics, Teacher’s Guide, Vol. 2:
A History of the Decline and Fall of Western Civilization

Formerly titled, “A Biblical Analysis of the Great Books of Western Civilization.” Volume 2 covers 50 additional authors in greater detail. Like Volume 1, the student’s Biblical worldview is solidified in the context of the classical lives. Each essay covers biography, historical background, summary, historical implications, Biblical analysis, and application. Similar to the popular CliffNotes, but from a Christian perspective. Includes objectives and lesson planning guide. Explains how to use the course at home or in the classroom. Answers to quiz questions and 500 open-end questions posed in the Student Manual makes this Guide an easily understood, philosophical commentary in its own right — Again, some are even calling this Philosophy for Dummies. 239 pages.



Rhyme and Reason by Peter Roise

Recover the lost tools of learning, starting with logic.This text takes a unique approach to the art of reasoning, covering not only deductive reasoning, but also basic induction and an introduction to analogical reasoning. Learn to detect informal fallacies that slip right by you in the daily news. Each chapter includes three exercises designed to put new concepts into practice. The text is supplemented by a comprehensive glossary and a number of appendices.



Power of Persuasion by Peter Roise

Recover the lost tools of learning, continuing with rhetoric.Textbook designed to teach the art of classical rhetoric to modern students. Never again will your child shy away from an unbeliever’s argument. It covers all the major heads of rhetorical theory and includes three strategically designed exercises for each chapter.


Logic and Rhetoric Bundle

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American History

Discipling the Nations, The Government Upon His Shoulder

There was no Christian consensus on the U.S. Constitution at the time of ratification; it was enacted by the narrowest of margins in the midst of heated debate. This book opens with an anti-federalist and biblical analysis of the U.S. Constitution, paving the way for description of foundation, function, and form of biblical civil government. Provides alternative approach to that of many other contemporary, Christian authors, who typically adopt the Federalist view of the U.S. Constitution.


Bible Law vs. the Untied States Constitution: The Christian Perspective by Ted R. Weiland

In this book, you will find a point-by-point comparison of the Constitution and the Bible, primary documentation of the founding fathers’ religious and political beliefs, and Biblical laws applicable to building a Christian government.


Covenant & Crisis in American History

It is impossible to understand American history apart from the covenant theory of civil government. Companion volume to Discipling the Nations, for those who really want the inside scoop on American history. Breaks the American story into seven eras: Puritan, Neo-classical, Romantic, Militant Unitarianism, Realism, Modernity and Deep |State. Each section contains overview, timeline and representative poetry and prose that illustrates the heartbeat of the historical forces at work. American government is evaluated from a covenantal rather than social contract perspective. An art insert with paintings and commentary for each section is under development.


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History of Music

Music Through the Ages by Susan Beisner

Music Through the Ages is a textbook in music history featuring biographical studies of over 100 important composers and introductions to the major music forms–from symphony to sonata to song. Learn why music is the most important subject in the high school curriculum. History of the six major periods–Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Modern helps provide an integrated perspective on music as a mirror of culture. A Biblical view of composers, their work, and their surroundings is presented. The student comes away with a uniquely Biblical view of music history and the ability to analyze music critically, recognizing its reflection of contemporary ideologies.


Music Through the Ages: Teacher’s Guide by Susan Beisner

Teacher’s Guide to Music Through the Ages, a survey of music history and appreciation. Includes daily lesson plans, timelines, review exercises, listening guide, quizzes, and sample essays. Course lays the groundwork for musical literacy, and the ability to sing praise to the Lord


Great Commission Strategies

E-book: The Book of the Covenant – A Handbook of Biblical Law For Leaders of Church & State

The Law of God given to Moses is recorded in Exodus 20-23. Here we find the Ten Commandments and the case laws that give definition to those Commandments for the individual and for the state. Known as the Mosaic Judicials, they are the model legal code to which every government in the world is commanded to conform. It is the Divine model for civilization that satisfies at once the justice of Godand the ultimate happiness of mankind. This brief 166-page commentary contains everything your state legislature needs to secure the blessing of God on your state. Packed with information.

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E-book: How to Launch a Classical Christian School on a Shoestring

A Strategy for Integrating Home, School and Internet Education by D.O. Woods. Everything you need to know to start a Classical Christian school in your community for a fraction the cost of a typical brick & mortar school. This cutting edge model combines the best of three worlds: the intimacy of home school, the efficiency and expertise of the internet, and the camaraderie of the local campus. A 39-page document lays out comprehensive strategy for fulfilling the education requirement of the Great Commission.


E-book: How to Transform Your Community for Christ

A Strategy for Personal, Church, Family and National Evangelism by D.O. Woods. How to implement an outreach program at your church that will turn your community upside down for Christ. Discover 30 unique approaches to reaching your community and how to know which is right for you. Learn the techniques of the world’s master evangelist: analysis of the Apostle Paul’s evangelistic sermons. 53-page document lays out comprehensive strategy for fulfilling the evangelism requirement of the Great Commission


Other Titles

The Elements of Style, 4th Edition by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White

Availalable from Amazon.com

Other Recommended Resources

Apologia Science – Available at http://www.highschoolscience.com/

Average: $77.00

Christy Farris, Debate Handbook:An Introduction to Argumentation and Debate

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Special Reports Catalog

Mandate for Excellence in Education

False Starts Can Cost You Thousands of Dollars and Put Your Children At Risk Get off on the Right Foot With These Special Reports on Excellence In Education from Some of North America’s Leading Authorities on Home Education

3 for $15

Only $6 Each, 3 for $15, 5 for $25

5 for $25

Value Pack – I’ll Take all 15 for $63 and save 30%! Reports delivered by e-mail.

Note: Please email desired reports to nithya@kingswayclassicalacademy.com

ALL for $63

1. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Homeschool Science, But Were Afraid to Ask.
By Dr. Jay Wile,

Author of Apologia Science Textbook Series
You will learn:

1.The best year to start teaching a child science
2. Minimum education needed to teach your child science – a lot less than you think
3. Recommended science textbooks for grades K-6
4. Essential prerequisites for success in science
5. The indispensable ingredient to ensure your child’s success in science studies
6. How much science to give an “arts-oriented” child
7. Why you should avoid teaching your child the sciences whenever possible
8. Why Physics should come before Biology
9. Why science lab is optional


2. Three Ways the Public Schools Are Warping Your  Child’s Mind
By Dan Smithwick,

Author of PEERS Worldview Test
You will learn:

1. The #1 most common goof in selecting a school for your child
2. How the public schools are brainwashing your children
3. How you can undo the damage.
4. What the public schools are really after
5. A plan for separating school and state.
6. How to measure your child’s Biblical Worldview IQ
7. The most important education news in 2000 years


3. “Once Upon A Time”: – Words That Will Make or Break Your Child’s Character
By Douglas Jones,

Zarafa Tutorials
You will learn:

1.The dangers of avoiding fiction.
2. The blessings of reading fiction
3. How to teach your children to “think outside the box”
4. Why film can’t substitute for literary fiction
5. Answers to common objections against fiction
6. What non-Christian novels can teach us
7. Why parents have to start reading more first


4. Did Jesus Study Algebra?
By Dr. James Bartlett,

Founder of Family University Network
You will learn:

1.How to dispel the fear and dislike of studying algebra and advanced mathematics
2. How Jesus studied Algebra
3. How to overcome the sterility of secularized mathematics
4. How Jesus applied the principles of Algebra to the workplace
5. Three keys that unlock the mysteries of Christian mathematics
6. The 10 mysteries of Christian mathematics


5. Six No-Fail Strategies for Homeschool Success
By Christine Field,

Sr. Correspondent Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Author of numerous books on homeschooling
You will learn:

1. How to know if homeschooling is right for you
2. 22 ways for Dad to be involved
3. The 3 essentials of homeschool discipline
4. The 2 things you must do to stay organized
5. How to identify your child’s learning style


6. Shoot to Kill – Would You Ever?
By Larry Pratt,

President of Gunowners of America
You will learn:

1. How to defend your life and property
2. What Jesus taught about pacifism
3. When to “turn the other check” ( Mt. 5:39) and “put your sword in its place” (Mt.26:52)
4. When it’s right to “buy a sword” (Lk.22:36)
5. How to know when it’s right to shoot to kill
6. What Jesus taught about “gun” control


7. The Family University Network: Pulling the
Plug on Institutional Higher Education
By Larry Pratt,

President of Gunowners of America
You will learn:

1. Why the existing University system is unfit for Christian consumption
2. Why most Christian colleges are little better than their secular counterparts
3. Why even the best Christian colleges fall short of the biblical ideal
4. How to get your college education in a family context
5. How to save tens of thousands of dollars on your college education
6. How to lay the foundations for an intergenerational Christian family dynasty
7. The biblical philosophy of education


8. Christ & The Constitution
By James Harrison,

Professor of English at King’s Way Classical Academy
You will learn:

1. Whether or not the U.S. Constitution is a Christian document and why it matters to you
2. Critical differences in the Mayflower Compact and the U.S. Constitution
3. How to distinguish between the civil covenant with God and a social contract
4. Why God is not mentioned in the U.S. Constitution
5. The problem with political pluralism


9. Classical Music Appreciation – A Three-Hour Crash Course
By Susan Beisner,

Author and Distance Education Instructor
You will learn:

1.How to appreciate great music – even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket
2. The six eras of musical history
3. Secrets of 17 of the world’s master composers
4. Twenty of the greatest classical selections ever composed
5. How to instill the love of great music in your children
6. How music shaped world history


10. Jefferson Revisited: The Declaration of Dependence on God

You will learn

1. Whether or not the Declaration of Independence is a Christian document and why it matters to you.
2. The meaning of America’s Civil Religion.
3. The difference between a biblical civil covenant and the social contract and why it matters to you.
4. Why Thomas Jefferson (a dedicated humanist) and John Witherspoon (a devoted Christian)
could both sign the Declaration with a clear conscience.
5. The religion of the founding fathers.


11. America’s Academic Civil War – How Classical Christian Education Lost to the Technocrats
By Roy Atwood,

Ph.D, President of New St. Andrews College
You will learn.

1. Why so many Christian colleges can’t be distinguished from their secular counterparts
2. How the Morrill Act killed Classical Christian Education
3. How most Christian colleges committed academic suicide by selling out to academic
professionalism, accreditation, and federal funding
4. Why a rebirth of classical Christian colleges is necessary to preserve and advance
the growth of the classical Christian homeschool and institutional school movements.
5. How classical Christian colleges can play a pivotal role in the reformation of the
church and of Christian business practices.


12. Logic – How To Think Straighter Than You Used To
By Peter Roise,

Professor of Logic & Rhetoric at King’s Way Classical Academy
You will learn:

1. The difference between muddle-headedness and clear systematic thinking
2. How to recognize and construct different kinds of arguments
3. How to listen more critically and more carefully
4. How to gain all the benefits of studying logic


13. To Be Announced

14. Abraham Kuyper’s Holland: An Experiment
in Christian Cultural Renewal

You will learn:

1. How to apply the Bible’s Principles of War to cultural renewal
2. How to avoid long-term cultural burnout
3. The biblical doctrine of sphere sovereignty
4. When political coalition with unbelievers is permissible.
5. The problem with “principled pluralism”
6. Why the right to vote is not the same thing as freedom


15. Rhetoric & The Power of Persuasion
By Peter Roise,

Professor of Logic & Rhetoric at King’s Way Classical Academy
You will learn:

1. The ancient art of effective communication
2. How to use key rhetorical principles to communicate more effectively
3. How to become more sales and persuasion aware
4. How to take your first step toward wielding the power of persuasion