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Latin 1A course syllabus

Latin made easy with Picta-Dicta revolutionary picture-to-word approach

Part 1: Course Information
Instructor Information

Instructor: Vegas Harmon
Office Hours: To Be Announced
Phone: 503-433-7733 / E-mail: vegasharmon@gmail.com

Course Description

Instead of a textbook, this course uses some innovative tools to help master Latin with speed, effect, and even fun. It starts with vocabulary building using the Picta-Dicta platform in a game format that is intuitive and exciting for the student. Vocabulary is taught in the context of the Natural World and features of everyday life in the world of ancient Rome. This makes it the perfect complement for a course in the classical Great Books of Western Civilization. The Picta-Dicta approach avoids word-for-word equivalents, teaching the student instead “to think in the language” for lasting effect.

Natural World is a self-paced, integrative Latin vocabulary course. Learn English and Latin with descriptions and stories for over 400 concepts in Nature to establish an unparalleled foundation for later study in Latin, English literature, foreign languages, history, and the sciences. Class discussion adds additional instruction in the mechanics of the Latin Language in preparation for advanced study.

Premium Level: There is an additional fee for students in the $1,000 Annual Tuition Program who desire more rigorous training in the mechanics of Latin reading and sentence structure, to include individual oral exams with the instructor. Contact the academy for more details and pricing.
  • Tuition:         $275 Premier                        
  • Grade:          7 th                                                 
  • Mode:          Instructor                  
  • Offered:      Fall                                                
  • Textbook:     Picta-Dicta access lease