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A Community Education Center, or HUB, is also being organized in your community to better serve your family and gradually replace the decaying, public education system. As most know, the public schools are expensive and anti-Christian. It’s becoming more and more obvious that they will not be reformed — they must be replaced. Socialism doesn’t work any better in education than anywhere else.
Their local and online courses have deteriorated to the point of being intolerable to most Christian families. The LBGT program is destroying Christian morality, and now Critical Race Theory is introduced to further divide our community along racial lines.
What about the poor? The Community HUB will be available at no cost to everybody. The Educational Resource Center will be “stocked” with a wide array of educational tools that any family may access as the need arises. That includes the best homeschool curriculum and online homeschool programs, as well.
It’ll be manned by local volunteers, with life experience and expertise in student subject areas, including science, math, writing, business, trades, etc. Other features have been built-in to monetize the local HUB and support the volunteers. Thus, students will have the advantage not only of interaction with online homeschool programs, teachers and students, but also live interaction with local experts, mentors and the best homeschool curriculum.
Ours’ is but one educational HUB in a chain of “Community Education Resource Centers” nationwide that may or may not be associated with a local church. It has the appearance of a franchise, but is not a cookie-cutter, formal chain of profit centers. Rather, it is a tool-kit of educational resources that evolves to serve parents in a local area. This could include things like:
A science lab
Trades Lab for kids not college-bound
Wee-School & Pre-School
A primary-age school, such as the Susan Evans Unit Studies, which emphasizes hands-on instruction for children
Access to KingsWayClassicalAcademy.com, grades 7-12, for online, classical education.
Access to NewGenevaChristianLeadershipAcademy.com for online Christian College dual credit courses
A library of Classical literature and Christian books
Un-College dual enrollment course alternatives to save families $100,000 or more of college tuition.
CLEP testing center for the dual enrollment program
Youth Group Center for Scouts, 4-H, Awana, etc.
Stuff they don’t teach you in school
Competitive sports
And much more, limited only by our imagination.
Each community HUB is surrounded by a constellation of family HUBs in the home. These have digital access to occasional live instruction with the central HUB via the family Entertainment Center, reconstituted as the Family Education Center. A family library is encouraged, stocked not only with physical books, but instructional DVDs.