Math 311: Logic

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Math 311

Instructor:  Prof. Daniel Lebowitz
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The second improvement introduced by the King’s Way Classical Academy logic sequence is also in the interest of turning logic into a tool that is practical for everyday use. Categorical and propositional logic (the usual topics of traditional logic at these grade levels) are primarily systems of representation and analysis; in other words, they turn language into symbols that can be analyzed according to certain set forms. While this kind of activity is an inescapable part of the study of logic, sometimes the jump from speech to symbol is made too quickly, and forces language into symbols that imperfectly reflect the actual meaning. 

Logic 2 presents a system for dealing with logic in language that tries, as much as possible, to leave the language as it appears naturally and still provide the student with a helpful and consistent analysis of the argumentation. It is a kind of in-between system–not the same as merely considering reasoning in language without any system or symbols, but not as rigid or extensive a system as those of categorical or propositional logic.

Far from despising traditional logic, we must study the systems set forth by the pagans and recognize anything in them that is true and good, taking it as gold from the Egyptians. On the other hand, this course sets forth a positive biblical perspective on reasoning, as contrasted with autonomous and pagan perspectives that turn human reason into an idol. We must take this discipline captive to Christ. That means keeping what is good, and yet remaining ready to change or reject anything that is contrary to Him.

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