Latin 201: Intro to Latin Vocabulary and Thought

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Latin 201

Instructor:  Vegas Harmon 
Phone:  971-285-0056

Course Description

Latin 201 is the first semester of a full-year course in Latin and follows the Ancient World course on Picta Dicta. This course provides a foundation for later study in Latin, English literature, foreign languages, history, and the sciences. Through learning Latin vocabulary, students will learn the concepts and categories with which people in the classical world would have thought. In this way, it is more than just a class in vocabulary: It is a class in thinking.

Students will learn the content for each week at their own pace with the online Picta Dicta software. Picta Dicta is a game-like learning platform in which students will study each vocabulary word with pictures, lengthy descriptions, and ancient fables and stories. During class time, the students will discuss specific words and key concepts from that week. Students will also be asked to explain and use specific words in context. This encourages students to think in ancient categories rather than use word-for-word equivalents.

Premium Level:  For an additional $160 students will receive more rigorous training in the Latin language. Students who take this route will get a 30-minute one-on-one video meeting with the instructor each week in which they will go over the basics of Latin verbs and conversation. There will also be additional material to cover in the form of inserts from the Roman Roads Latin Primer series. At the end of the semester, students will have an oral examination with the instructor over the material in the advanced route. Pending availability, an additional 30-minute slot may be purchased at a rate of $20/hr for a total of $320 (including the first slot). Contact the instructor for more details.

  • Tuition:      $275 Premier  
  • Grade:        7th
  • Mode:        Instructor         
  • Offered:     Fall                   
  • Textbook:  Picta-Dicta access lease              

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