Speak to Command Attention and Move Multitudes

                          Rhetoric 401

Instructor:  Prof Dave White
E-mail: somedaysomwhere@gmail.com
Phone: 708-954-7121

                                Course Description

Rhetoric 401 covers the same ground as Rhetoric 1 in more depth.   The five canons of speech are reviewed, along with the 3 categories of proof: logos, ethos, and pathos.  The relation of logos to basic principles of formal and informal logic is discussed in depth.  In like manner, the impact of poetry, metaphor, and the rhythm of words on ethos, pathos, and elocution are analyzed. 

In addition to the course textbook, "The Rhetoric Companion," by N.D. Wilson & Douglas Wilson there are readings in the Loeb editions of Aristotle's "Rhetoric," "Rhetorica Ad Herennium,"  and Quintilian's "Institutio Oratia."  Several of the greatest recorded speeches in world history are analyzed for their effectiveness.

  • Tuition:             $275
  • Level:                10th Grade
  • Mode:               Synchronous
  • Offered:            Spring
  • Textbook:          Bold-faced textbooks above

Worldview Lab 401

Instructor:  D.O "Oliver" Woods 
E-mail: Admin@KingsWayClassicalAcademy.com
Phone: 503-658-0385

Course Description

The goal of this course is to evaluate and integrate philosophies undergirding the history of America and the West, arriving at the student's own comprehensive Biblical worldview. The student traces streams of thought arising in Western Civilization and their influence on the emergence of American culture and the American constitutional settlement. The course summarizes and integrates Great Books courses from previous years.

This course is generally taken in the Senior year, following completion of the Great Books sequence and concurrent with the debate course. Students participate in weekly seminar interaction centered on discussion questions from "Discipling the Nations" and "Discipling Your Nation" (online). Participation in two debates, one online, and one in the local community is required. In addition the student explores his own role in Christ's Great Commission via a community practicum (where possible with a team of fellow students), with evaluation by a community mentor.

  • Tuition:       $275 Premier
  • Mode:         Asynchronous
  • Offered:      Spring
  • Textbook:    Discipling Your Nation (digital) and Developing a Biblical Worldview by Dan Smithwick


Debate 401 

Instructor:  Mr. Eric Cummings 
E-mail:  somedaysomwhere@gmail.com
Phone: 708-954-7121

Course Description

In a very real sense debate studies are the culmination of the entire classical curriculum. They require the student to integrate a broad base of knowledge, with logic processes and rhetorical skills in such a manner as to defeat an opponent’s line of argumentation. In Debate I students learn and practice the principles of formal debate using Christy Farris’ excellent handbook, An "Introduction to Argumentation and Debate."  The course requires the purchase of the handbook and accompanying videos. The videos include a lecture on the principles of debate and example of a live debate with critique. Students are required to participate in an informal, keyboard debate on the Academy Debate Forum early in the trimester before participating in a live debate tournament via a debate club or organization in their own locale.  The supplementary text, "How to Argue and Win Every Time," by Gerry Spence, adds an attorney's perspective.

  • Tuition:            $275
  • Mode:              asynchronous
  • Offered:           Spring
  • Textbook:         See above


English Composition 201 

Instructor:  Mr. Eric Cummings 
E-mail:  somedaysomwhere@gmail.com
Phone: 708-954-7121

Course Description

Students learn and apply the principles of effective writing using Strunk & White's classic Elements of Style. The art of writing is explored from basic building blocks through construction of effective sentences and paragraphs, matters of organization and form, and correction of common problems.

  • Tuition:  $275
  • Mode:  Synchronous
  • Offered: Fall
  • Textbook: Elements of Style

Rhetoric 301

Instructor:  Prof Dave White
E-mail: research@cctruth.org
Phone: 503-608-7611

Course Description

Rhetoric 301 covers history and principles of classical rhetoric and a brief review of logic.  Students learn the skill of determining best structure for spoken communication (speeches, debates, arguments) and of written works of all kinds, from the sentence level, to paragraphs, to entire books. The course stresses application of the principles in the student's own speech, writing, and communication. That includes elements of the rhetorical situation and the available means of persuasion. The text "Power of Persuasion" by Peter Roise, is based primarily on classical rhetoric in Aristotle's "Art of Rhetoric" and the "Ad Herenium" and on the Bible.

  • Tuition:    $275 Premier   OR   Tuition:     $25 Basic
  • Mode:      Synchronous            Mode:      Self-taught
  • Offered:   Fall                           Offered:   Fall or Spring
  • Textbook: See above               Textbook:  See above


Writing Readiness 101

Instructor:  Eric Cummings 
E-mail: Somedaysomwhere@gmail.com
Phone: 708-954-7121

Course Description

For middle-school students or  Asean professionals looking to refine their written ESL, this course is the first step.  The Elements of Style by Strunk & White is an American classic.  Though small, it covers basic principles of clarity, vigor, usage, punctuation, parts-of-speech and structure. Addresses common abuses of words, phrases, punctuation, and wordiness.  

Paired with our Latin I course it's a powerful combination for learning to interpret and enjoy the Word of God and the world God rules.  Plus, Latin study cuts time to master a profession by 50%.  Simple exercises get you off on the "write foot."   Spreeder vocabulary builder and speed reading programs are also required for full-time students.   For placement, send a sample of recent writing to the instructor.

  • Tuition:    $275 Premier   OR   Tuition:       $25 Basic
  • Mode:      Instructor                  Mode:        Self-taught
  • Offered:   Fall                           Offered:      Fall or Spring
  • Textbook: Elements of Style     Textbook:  Elements of Style