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About Us

The easiest way to find out more about King's Way Classical Academy is to contact us directly by phone or email. We are happy to consult directly regarding the specific needs of your students.

Kings Way was founded in 2001 to serve homeschool families, and homeschoolers remain the biggest part of our student body to the present day. However, in recent years we have expanded our mission to partnership with local Christian schools and some of our classes include students from both venues.

At Kings Way each student is accredited by a local review committee much the same as a graduate student is approved by a review committee for the doctoral degree. Character as well as academics is included in evaluation. This cutting-edge, Biblical approach to accreditation is being pioneered by Dr. James Bartlett, who served for many years on the accreditation team at North Dakota State University.

It is said that a person is best known by the company he keeps and the same might be said of an online school. We'd invite you to check out a partial list of our friends and affiliates as well as our active school partners. The latter include local schools with whom King's Way has a team-teaching relationship under the Resource Accelerator Model.

If you are an instructor seeking a teaching position or an educational entrepreneur interested in leading a King's Way module of two or three hundred students, the first step is to fill out the online application form. Each module is co-managed by two department heads as a for-profit entity: 1) Dean of Humanities, and 2) Dean of Math/Science. These two govern the school independently under the general oversight of the King's Way main office.

Under this model students typically meet twice a week with King's Way online instructors and once with a local proctor in a study hall format for each class. The model works best for a K-8 Christian school desiring to add a high school and can save a school as much as $30,000 in the start-up phase alone.

Your privacy is important to King's Way. This privacy statement & disclaimer provides information about the personal information that King's Way collects, and the ways in which King's Way uses that personal information.

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