WPXI-TV, NewsRadio 1020 KDKA, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 90.5 WESA, and KDKA-TV among Winners at 4th Annual SWPA Media & Mental Health Awards - King's Way Classical Academy

WPXI-TV, NewsRadio 1020 KDKA, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, 90.5 WESA, and KDKA-TV among Winners at 4th Annual SWPA Media & Mental Health Awards

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) December 03, 2014

The Entertainment Industries Council (EIC) is proud to announce the winners of the 4th Annual SWPA Media & Mental Health Awards for accurate journalism coverage of mental health issues within television, radio, print and online media in Southwestern Pennsylvania. These awards represent the impact of accurate media stories to change attitudes and behaviors about mental health challenges.

“The media and mental health initiative has developed resource materials and trainings for hundreds of advocates, caregivers, law enforcement, clergy, media and community members. The journalists lauded accurately communicated about mental health concerns and reinforced discrimination reduction, treatment and recovery,” said Susan Brozek Scott, Pittsburgh Regional Director, Entertainment Industries Council.

Rocky Bleier, Honorary Chairman, stated in his keynote speech. “I learned a long time ago that victory is contagious. Imagine if we could defeat stigma and discrimination? We would be victorious over mental illness and those in need would want to seek the treatment they deserve. I’m honored to be working with the Entertainment Industries Council’s media and mental health movement to build healthier communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania.”

At the 3rd Annual SWPA Media & Mental Health Awards, Pittsburgh native Brian Cuban shared his struggles with bullying, substance use, eating disorders, depression, and even suicide. His story inspired many and his family has joined EIC in opening up the conversation about mental illness. The taping of the 4th Annual Media & Mental Health Awards was due to the generous support of the Mark Cuban Companies.

Two Special Media Legacy Awards were presented to Adam Lynch, honored for News Anchoring and Reporting, and Joe Rovitto, for News Management. The 4th Annual SWPA Media & Mental Health Awards also honored, in memoriam, journalist Sally Kalson with the Advocacy for Justice Award.

“Adam Lynch, Joe Rovitto, and Sally Kalson have demonstrated a commitment to accuracy and providing information to empower vast audiences to take control of their health and support one another. Their leadership is an inspiration to journalists, news directors and management everywhere to consider the power of mass media and utilize that responsibility in a way that positively builds healthy communities,” said Brian Dyak, President and CEO, Entertainment Industries Council.

EIC also presented the first-ever Southwestern Pennsylvania winners of the Generation Next project. Generation Next is a competition for college students studying film, television and video, journalism and social media to create accurate stories about persons living with mental illness, their recovery and wellness. Fifty-five students applied for the competition and this year’s winners came from Seton Hill University, University of Pittsburgh – Main, and Robert Morris University.

“The Staunton Farm Foundation has worked for decades to raise the public consciousness around behavioral and mental health issues. We are honored to partner with EIC to bring this message to the community and value the resources they provide to support accurate and powerful reporting,” commented Joni Schwager, Executive Director Staunton Farm Foundation.

4th Annual SWPA Media & Mental Health Awards Winners:

Newspaper Article:

Workshops educate students, dispel myths about mental illnesses

Pittsburgh Tribune Review writer Tory N. Parrish tells the story of West Mifflin Area Middle School and the workshop they hosted to teach youths about the myths and stigmas associated with mental illness.

Newspaper – Enterprise/Investigative Series:

Mysteries of the Mind

The purpose of this series by Mark Roth of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was to explore the latest research and the human impact of these disorders: autism, depression and phobias, and to reduce the stigma attached to them.

Newspaper Op-Ed:

We Can Do Better for the Mentally Ill

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette contributors Kirstyn Kameg and Linda Raimondi write on the large number of people who struggle with mental health disorders compared to the small number who receive treatment for mental health disorders and offer the suggestion of letting psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners work with mental health patients independently.

Television Community Affairs Program:

Franklin Regional Strong

No one event unified all of western Pennsylvania in 2014 more than the tragedy at Franklin Regional High School. Within hours of the incident, WPXI began working on a project to help the community heal and cope. A team of reporters found heroes amid the chaos, and bonds being formed or strengthened.

TV Feature Story

Proud to Be From Pittsburgh – Adam Blank

Reporter Peggy Finnegan and Special Projects Photographer/Editor Scott Dobson of WPXI-TV share the story of Adam Blank, a local teenager who has fought against the odds and overcome health issues and bullying to be a leader in his community, making Pittsburgh proud of the man he has become.

TV Spot/Breaking News

Doctor Offers Mental Health Perspective On Why Moms Harm Their Kids

KDKA-TV Reporter Mary Robb Jackson focuses on postpartum depression and other mood disorders that could affect a mother’s relationship with her child, and how stigmas surrounding these disorders could cause moms everywhere to not seek help.

Mental Health Experts Reach Out To Franklin Regional During Conference

Reporter Bob Allen from KDKA-TV discusses the tragedy at Franklin Regional, the community’s support, and the work being done to help promote mental health awareness at the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southwestern Pennsylvania 14th Annual Education Conference.

Internet Video Story:

Recovery is Possible: Linda P.

Mental Health America of Westmoreland County’s Laurie Barnett Levine, along with Rod Agras, share the story of Linda and her life with bipolar disorder and her road to recovery while working through stigma.

Radio Spot/Breaking News:

When Violence Strikes, What About Mental Health?

Reporter Erika Beras from WESA 90.5 focuses on the work the Center for Victims does for those who have been affected by violence in their communities by banding them together and working through their high emotions and reactions during such trying times.

Radio Community Affairs Program:

Suicide Survivor Brings His Miraculous Story to Pittsburgh

NewsRadio 1020 KDKA’s Reporter Bill Rehkopf tells the story of Kevin Hines, who attempted suicide many years ago and now spends his time motivationally speaking about mental health, recovery, and wanting to survive, during a preview of Kevin Hines speaking at the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Southwestern Pennsylvania 14th Annual Education Conference.

Generation Next

Social Media

UnMasking Mental Health

Seton Hill University

Megan Miller, Elizabeth Kimble, Sarah Rifkind, Molly Sheedy, Erica Kuhn, and Kristen Thomas

Film and Television

Depression on Campus

University of Pittsburgh – Main

Lindsay Metzger, Katie McMahon, Nicole Fazio, Lindsay Jones, Caleb Smith, and Taylor Frank


Student Suicide Aftermath: Who’s Responsible?

Robert Morris University

Kendall Valan


About Entertainment Industries Council

EIC is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 by leaders within the entertainment industry to bring the power and influence of the industry to communicate about health and social issues. The organization is considered to be the chief pioneer of entertainment and journalism outreach and a premiere success story in the field of entertainment education. This mission relies on providing resource information to the creative community and culminates in recognition of the industry through the national television special PRISM Showcase which addresses accurate portrayals of substance use issues and mental health concerns. The organization also produces the SET Awards, honoring positive and non-stereotypical portrayals of science, engineering and technology.

For a complete list of health and social issues addressed by EIC and local projects please visit First Draft and EIC’s website at http://www.eiconline.org or the internet television network at EICnetwork.tv. The PRISM Awards web site is http://www.prismawards.com. The SET Awards web site is http://www.eicsetawards.com

About the Staunton Farm Foundation

The Staunton Farm Foundation is an organization dedicated to supporting mental health treatment and service for children, teens, and adults suffering from mental disorder in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Originally founded in 1937 in accordance with the wishes expressed in Matilda Staunton Craig’s will, the foundation has expanded to include university and hospital out-patient clinics as well as the 10 counties that comprise the southwestern region of Pennsylvania. The Staunton Family Foundation remains committed to providing support for individuals suffering from mental health disorders and their families through its continuous support of systems and organizations developing enhanced behavioral health treatments.

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