Announces Complimentary Allergy Resource Ebook Offering Top Tips for Allergy Relief and More - King's Way Classical Academy Announces Complimentary Allergy Resource Ebook Offering Top Tips for Allergy Relief and More

Peoria, IL (PRWEB) January 30, 2015 announces free “Allergy Relief” Ebook. It’s never too early to prepare for allergy season. This 86 page quality Ebook is loaded with information and tips for relief from burdensome allergies.

People battle allergies year-round. Whether it is hayfever, dust, pollen, mold, or another irritant, it is helpful to understand how to naturally reduce the risk of the annoying allergy symptoms that put a damper on an active lifestyle will also save you money. By changing some simple daily habits, you can reduce your allergy symptoms significantly.

Education is a critical key to dealing with, understanding, and surviving any illness even allergies. Allergies including asthma is one of the top reasons children miss school and adults miss work. They can be severe and even result in death, or they can be moderate and simply be annoying. No matter to what extent a person is affected by their allergies, the bottom line is that they’d be happier without them.

Millions of dollars are invested yearly into allergy relief in the form of prescriptions, over the counter drugs, supplements, doctors’ appointments and more. Now is offering a free Allergy Resource Ebook to better equip one for the upcoming allergy season.

Runny eyes and nose, constant sneezing, congestion, headaches, and fatigue are just a few of the annoying symptoms that allergens cause. By becoming more educated about allergens and natural relief from them, a person will be able to deal with their allergies better and will be able to enjoy life more.

Barb Lulay, owner of, says, “This complimentary Allergy Relief Ebook is filled with 86 pages of valuable information such as but not limited to the following: 1. Where do allergies start 2. How can I reduce them 3. Home environment and allergens, and 4 Effects of breathing.” Lulay continues, “Even if you personally don’t have allergies that are bothersome, chances are someone you love does, like a child or grandchild. Education is always a wise choice to improve one’s health.”

This Allergy Ebook will offer natural methods, traditional methods, and the combination for allergy relief from mold, pet dander, and more. The book explains terms that are often used but commonly misunderstood in the allergy world. It also will uncover hidden myths about allergy relief to help a person save time and money from the gimmicks out there in the market place.

About the Business:

Barb and Dick Lulay’s customers are passionate about naturally reducing their risk of disease. Their customer service and product expertise make shopping with and an ideal experience. With a full line of natural products such as air purifiers, natural supplements, green cleaners, weight management and paraben free skin care, families find they can conveniently do their household shopping online with home delivery. As successful business owners, the Lulays offer a mentoring program for other aspiring entrepreneurs. They present exceptional marketing tools and a training program that shows how to generate immediate income as well as long term passive income.

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