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Trust Guard: You Need More Than an SSL and a Smile

Ogden, UT (PRWEB) September 2, 2010

When visiting a site, it’s important for customers to know that they need more than an SSL and a smile. Strong online security requires much, much more. Website security scanning keeps your information secure, even after it’s stored on a favorite store’s server.

Today, online security seal provider Trust Guard embarks on a mini campaign to educate the public on website security.

What most shoppers know about ‘online security’ begins and ends with SSL certificates (the lock at the bottom of the web page). SSL certificates scramble traveling information from point A, to point B.

That’s not enough though, because SSL certificates do not protect information sitting on the website, or in its database. Clearly, with the Internet moving at the speed of light and the hacker’s always one step ahead-there’s a lot more to be done in order to protect online information.

Trust Guard has embarked on a campaign to educate online shoppers about what thorough online security means, beginning with an online guide found on their website, “The Top Five Ways to Protect Yourself While Shopping Online”.

Dave Brandley, Co-founder of Trust Guard, asks: “You know that old axiom – It’s not the destination…it’s the journey? Well, we like to tell our customers that it’s not the journey or the destination…it’s both! Yes, you need to make sure that wherever you shop has an SSL certificate. That keeps your credit card information safe as it travels to your store’s server. What about when it reaches its destination? You need to make sure it’s safe once it arrives there as well!”

Time and again, says Brandley, he hears from online shoppers who believe that an SSL certificate completely safeguards their information. With so many identity and credit card theft it is very easy to see that’s not just a half-truth, it’s a dangerous assumption. “It’s a false sense of security,” continues Brandley. “It causes people to open up their wallets to sites that might not be safe. That, in turn, causes people to open themselves up to hackers.”

That’s where Security Scanning comes in. They batter the doors of online stores daily, testing the site’s security, looking for over 37,000 vulnerabilities that hackers might use to access personal data. Only those sites that can pass security scans earn the right to display a Security Seal. The presence of such a seal lets visitors know that the site is a safe place to shop.

About Trust Guard:

Trust Guard is a division of Global Marketing Strategies (GMS) – An e-Commerce and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company with over a decade of online sales and marketing experience. Trust Guard specializes in Website Security Scanning and Verification Seals -, and improve website security helping website owners build customer trust, and increase online sales.

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