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Transmedia Historytelling: The Future of History

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2013

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Since becoming a dad four months ago, one would think that BoomGen founder and CEO, Mahyad Tousi, would be fixated on the future. Instead, more than ever he is dwelling on the past. That’s because he knows the past offers the most valuable tools we have to prepare for the future: the opportunity to learn from past mistakes, develop crucial critical thinking skills, and bring the world together.

The problem is that we’re not using it.

As an entrepreneurial filmmaker and storyteller, he is actively changing that. In his TEDx talk, The Future of History, delivered on April 26th at the London Business School, Mahyad detailed how.

Neuroscience shows that stories physically activate the brain differently, and it turns out people learn best through narrative. Yet despite this scientific evidence, “There is an entrenched belief that to storify learning you have to ‘dumb it down’; making it less valuable educationally,” said Mahyad. “Ironically, there is a pervasive opposing view in the entertainment industry that the more factual your story is, the less entertaining it’ll be.”

As a result, history is taught passively and fails to entice; and historical media is at best a glimpse, and at worst, a half-truth riddled with dramatic distortion. This is something we can afford less and less with the passing of every year.

BoomGen works through an emerging media kaleidoscope called Transmedia, where academic complexity is preserved within an immersive experience that deeply engages the audience. This kind of engagement in History, what Mahyad calls “Transmedia Storytelling“, offers the unprecedented opportunity to experiment with events so we more effectively learn the past, and are able to view a shared history through different perspectives and vantage points.

Take a classic like Gone with the Wind. What if one could go beyond just reading it? What if one could get inside and experience the whole world of the story? One could learn about Mammy’s family; how they lived, who they married, how they died. One could go to war with Rhett and Ashley; to ride the horses and don the uniforms of the time. Imagine what it would be like to walk the halls of Tara?

Says Mahyad, “We learn from history when we participate in it.”


BoomGen Studios is a Brooklyn based storytelling factory and leading transmedia incubator working at the intersection of interactive media, entertainment, and education. BoomGen’s projects extend across multiple media platforms, including film, TV, interactive graphic novels, and games.

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Mahyad Tousi is a Brooklyn based producer, cinematographer, writer, and story architect. A self-proclaimed story junkie, his works extend across a variety of platforms, formats, and genres, including narrative and doc features, fine art videos, serialized TV dramas, interactive comic books, and conflict zone cinematography. He is the CEO and co-founder of BoomGen Studios, where he is exclusively working in the transmedia space—telling big stories across multiple media canvases, and designing audience engagement on the web and in the mobile/tablet space, including the first-of-its-kind transmedia franchise and Webby Honoree, CIA: Operation Ajax.

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