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Therone Shellman, Author of Love Don’t Live Here, Set to Appear at 2006 Queens Book Fair

Queens, NY (PRWEB) August 8, 2006

Therone Shellman author of Love Don’t Live Here set to appear at 2006 Queens Book Fair. The 2006 Annual Queens Book Fair will be held at the historic Rufus King Park (153rd Street and Jamaica Ave.) which sits on 11 acres in the heart of Jamaica, Queens.

The 2nd Annual Queens Book Fair will be held on August 19, 2006 and will begin at 11:00 am and end at 7:00 pm. Self-Published authors and Published authors from a wide variety of genres will be participating in the Queens Book Fair.

The Queens Book Fair has established a web site at to better diseminate information regarding vendor registration and free consumer admission for those interested in participating in the book fair. Last year the book fair attracted over 90 authors and consumers flocked to the book fair.

Queens Borough President Helen Marshall presented the Queens Book Fair committee a special proclamation recognizing the contribution the book fair to the Queens community.

About the Author:

Therone Shellman’s mission is to write entertaining and insightful books for parents, singles, and young adults. Becoming an author has been a dream of his since childhood. Therone’s story is inspirational and motivational. He spent time in and out of jail during his late teens through early twenties. During his incarceration, Therone started writing about his life experiences. In 1989 he submitted his work to several major publishers but was ultimately turned down. His writing style was too gritty and raw for most major publishers at that time. Now, at 33, Therone plans to bring a whole new brand of hustle to the literary game, vowing to become the P Diddy/ Jay-Z of the written word.

“I’m a play by the rules to get in. And then make up new ones as I go along. One day there will not be a reader between the age group of 18-35 that will not know who I am.” Therone is often asked what compels him to write. His answer “I am the gatekeeper between fiction and reality” – These words are reflected in his writing. Goals: To one day be considered one of the greatest writers and visionaries. Build “Third Eye Publishing Inc” into a full service publishing company. Write screenplays, and manage a team of screenplay writers. Most of all become a big influence in the markets of literature and visual arts. And last but not least contribute my views and arts for the advancement of society as a whole.

Message: Through my eyes and stories I plan to tell the human experience. Not just to place blame or fault. But also to educate and provide solutions by causing you to think in ways that you may of never had before. Writing is my freedom. Someone once told me “What good is it to have all this knowledge if you are not giving it to those who need it the most”.

Best Book: The Mis-Education of the Negro, by Carter G. Woodson

Best Novelist: Walter Mosley

Hobbies: Writing, reading, debating and building with like minds, exercising.

Therone resides in Ronkonkoma, New York. He is a bachelor, seeking to accomplish some long wished goals before settling down with the right woman.

Love Don’t Live Here

Author-Therone Shellman

Retail Price: $ 14.95

C&B Books Price: $ 10.00

ISBN: 0-9771004-1-3

Paperback: 227 pages


“Love Don’t Live Here” The first book from a generational series. A story about two black women in their early 20’s and takes place during the early 1970’s into the 80’s.

Barbara loves her boyfriend Trini dearly but finds out the hard way when he leaves her while she’s six months pregnant, that love is not always what it seems. Having to raise their son Jermaine by herself poses to be a great task.

Like Barbara, Beverly also becomes a single mother but through much different circumstances. Her boyfriend Malik, a conscious black man in his early 20’s a member of the Black Panther party, winds up getting killed during a bank robbery. This leaves Beverly to fend for herself and two children, Derrik and Tinesha. Being a woman she knows what it takes to raise Tinesha into womanhood, but is lost when it comes to Derrik.

The two women invite us into the world of relationships and single motherhood. In the end we all find out that it’s all about doing and being the best that one can be.

In the end the story begins to materialize to the point where the lives of these two adolescent males begin to evolve into a cycle of confusion-leaving you the reader to wonder-what’s to happen and become of it all.

Therone Shellman author of Love Don’t Live Here will be signing copies of his national best selling book.

For more information regarding vendor registration or to view complete details of the upcoming 2nd Annual Queens Book Fair log on to You may also contact Brenda Piper at 718.591.4525.

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