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An average fee of $80 for the books published by ClassicalFree Press
is added to the $1,000 annual tuition.


These books will be sent via email before each term.


Please Print this page and store it with your record

These Textbooks Will Be Emailed to You, or are available in course materials:

Keys to the Classics, Student

Keys to the Classics, Teachers

Latin Grammar, volume 1

Rhyme and Reason

Power of Persuasion

Discipling the Nations

Covenant & Crisis In American History

Music Through the Ages

The Book of the Covenant

Psalms of Joy

The Divine Decree In Prophetic Interpretation



The Required Minimum of 21 Credits For Graduation.


Language Arts (5 credits required):

Great Books IV (1/2 credit)

Great Books V (1/2 credit)

Great Books VI (1/2 credit)

Rhetoric I (1/2 credit)

Rhetoric II (1/2 credit)

English Composition (1/2 credit)

Creative Writing/Poetry (1/2 credit)

Debate (1/2 credit)

Shakespeare (1 credit)

Social Studies (4.25 credits required)

Great Books IV (3/4 credit)

Great Books V (3/4 credit)

Great Books VI (3/4 credit)

American History (1/2 credit)

American Government (1/2 credit)

Wordview Lab II (1/2 credit)

Worldview Lab III (1/2 credit)

Mathematics (3 credits required)

Algebra II (1 credit)

Advanced Math/Pre-Calculus (1 credit)

Economics (1 credit)

Science (3 credits required)

Biology (1 credit)

Chemistry (1 credit)

Physics (1 credit)

Fine Arts (2 credits required)

Art (1 credit)

Music (1 credit)

Bible (2 credits required)

Bible Doctrine II (1/2 credit)

Bible Doctrine III (1/2 credit)

Bible Survey II (1/2 credit)

Bible Survey III (1/2 credit)

Latin (2 credits required)

Latin I (1/2 credit)

Latin II (1/2 credit)

Latin III (1/2 credit)

Latin IV (1/2 credit)

*Previously taken courses may be eligible to substitute some of our requirements. Final decision on all credit transfers will be made by the Student Support Services and Academic team.*

If you have any questions please call 503-658-0385