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Thank You for Sponsoring Our Students


Dear Friend of Classical Christian Education,

We need your help.

We know you appreciate the freedom offered by King’s Way Classical Academy. Freedom from the tyranny of the public education system. Freedom from the expense of private education. Freedom from the stress and worry of home schooling teens–the academic part of it, anyway!

And now King’s Way Classical Academy offers freedom from the disconnect and time-delay problems experienced by most on-line academies. King’s Way Classical Academy synchronous classes are driven by a powerful, new, state-of-the-art conferencing system for on-line classes. Simply put, King’s Way Classical Academy is working hard to bring you the latest in technical expertise, combined with educational excellence.

Educational excellence? Students untrained in the logical fallacies are vulnerable to every ‘wind of doctrine’ that blows their way on television or in the latest video or CD. Students untrained in rhetoric or debate are severely handicapped in their ability to express their ideas and get ahead in their chosen profession. They are not, in fact, ‘ready to give an answer to everyone that asketh them a reason of the hope that it in them.’ At King’s Way Classical Academy we are dedicated to this kind of training and are especially equipped to deliver it to a world market.

But as we’ve all heard so many times, freedom isn’t free. In order to continue to offer affordably priced, Biblically based, classical Christian courses with the quality you’ve come to expect from King’s Way Classical Academy, we need help from sponsors just like you.

Your gift of $25, $50, $75 or more will be used to help us continue to provide a high quality, affordable, classical education to students and parents around the globe.

Parents like Wendy Wright:

‘I decided to take my two sons out of public school today. It was a hard decision to make because I have 4 children and my husband is disabled and I am a college student myself. I ran across your site and I’m very excited. I had tried to get my children into a Christian academy but I just don’t have the money.’

And Cynthia Nielsen:

‘My husband and I are missionaries serving in Moscow, Russia. I came across your website and am incredibly excited about such an opportunity. Thank you for such a great ministry.’

Yes, the donations of friends like you make it possible for us to continue to offer a realistic educational alternative to families that, otherwise, might have none.

And to say ‘Thank You’ for your donation of $50 or more, we’ll be happy to send you a copy of my book, ‘Discipling the Nations’. ‘Discipling the Nations’ is a unique discussion of our nation’s infancy from a Biblical perspective. Even if you have read other Christian histories of the United States, this one will surprise you.

For instance, you’ll explore questions like:

  • why did so many of the most orthodox Christian patriots–leaders like Patrick Henry and Sam Adams–bitterly oppose the Constitution on religious grounds?
  • why were the colonial legislatures excluded from the Constitutional confirmation process, contrary to law?
  • why did George Washington’s pastor during the eight years of his presidency declare that Washington was not a true Christian?
  • In what critical ways does the U.S. Constitution differ from the Massachusetts Body of Liberties?
  • how can the Biblical principles of war be applied to politics?
  • how can I avoid the pitfalls inherent in the many false standards of political righteousness that Christians are relying on today: traditional values, conservatism, natural law, human rights, and common sense, to name a few?

You’ll be challenged to rethink your political philosophy in light of Scripture and find a new motive for political action: not just moral indignation, but the enthronement of Christ as King of nations, as well as hearts.

There is even a review quiz and study guide questions at the end of each chapter, making ‘Discipling the Nations’ a useful text for home school, Sunday school or Bible study groups.

But don’t take my word for it (after all, I wrote it–and every father thinks his kids are great!). See what author and speaker George Grant has to say about ‘Discipling the Nations’:

‘Woods has done us all a great service by writing this balanced, comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and intensely practical handbook to the subject of civil government–marked by biblical fidelity, political sagacity, and cultural immediacy.’ –George Grant, author

Will you let me send you a copy of my book, ‘Discipling the Nations’, today, as a thank you for your tax-deductible gift of $50 or more?

Please help us continue to provide a reasonably priced, Biblically based, on-line classical Christian education. Our basic courses are offered at only a nominal cost ($25) to put them within the reach of virtually every student. We offer these courses at a net loss to the Academy, relying on the generosity of our sponsors to make up the difference. Please consider making a contribution to our Student Scholarship Fund at one of these levels of participation:

  • Basic Sponsorship: $25 will provide 1 “Basic” course scholarship for a needy student
  • Silver Sponsorship: $50 will provide 2 “Basic” course scholarshps for a needy student
  • Gold Sponsorship: $100 will provide 4 “Basic” course scholarships for needy students
  • Platinum Sponsorship: $500 will provide 20 “Basic” course scholarships for needy students

And thank you, in advance, for your help in supporting this vital ministry. Because of your generosity, King’s Way Classical Academy will continue to offer the finest in on-line, Bible-based, classical Christian education for the next generation.

Thank you and God bless you,

Dennis Oliver Woods

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