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Moodle LMS

King’s Way Classical Academy is powered by the versatile Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). The word Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Moodle is the world’s most widely used open-source Learning Management System, headquartered in Perth, Australia. The visible components are designed to ensure the most productive learning environment and the most efficient tracking of student records on the market today. Many practitioners prefer Moodle to leading proprietary systems such as market leader, “BlackBoard.” Here are the bottom-line findings of one comparative study conducted by Kathy D. Munoz, Professor at Humboldt State University and Joan Van Duzer, Instructional Technologist at Humbold State in February, 2005.

Student Satisfaction: Which do you prefer, Moodle or Blackboard?

No preference – 42.9%
Moodle – 35.7%
Blackboard – 21.4%

Moodle has a large and diverse user community with over 400,000 registered users, speaking over 75 languages in 193 countries. There is a long list of developers who contribute towards the development of Moodle.

One of the main advantages of moodle over other systems is that it is centred around collaboration, activity-based learning, and critical reflection. Here are some of the ways that Moodle will enhance your online learning experience:

  • Moodle is simple to use, with a very intuitive user interface. Students can find the material they need on Moodle much faster.
  • Moodle includes a number of collaborative tools that are generally not available in other Learning Management Systems. These include wikis and the ability to share resources between sections and courses. It is also easy to break students into groups
  • Once they get the basic gist of Moodle, instructors find it to be very modular and extensible. Instructors can get their courses up to speed using Moodle much faster than they can with most other systems.