The World’s First Christian Un-College

Over half of Christian students abandon their faith when they leave home to attend secular American universities. Even most Christian colleges are not much better. New Geneva Leadership Academy offers spiritually safe, high quality career preparation at a fraction the cost of traditional colleges and universities.

The New Geneva Leadership Academy offers a unique and inexpensive approach to Associates level career preparation. Following consultation with Pastor Paul Raymond — Director of New Geneva — students will be directed to audit a year of career specific courses at a Community College near their home.

These courses may be audited for typically 1/4 to 1/5 the cost of students taking the courses for full credit. Upon completion of this study students may present their certificates of completion to New Geneva, where they may be awarded full-credit for this coursework via an arrangement with the state of Virginia for a small fee.

A second year of Biblical worldview study is then completed under the auspices of New Geneva, with the primary goal of integrating a Biblical perspective to the career specific courses. Dual credit for coursework at King’s Way Classical Academy may be applied to this component of requirements for the Associates Degree awarded by New Geneva.