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New Book Corrects Misinformation About Health and Weight Loss

Costa Mesa, California (PRWEB) May 20, 2013

Respected scientific theory extols the benefits of healthy, natural diets, but Ty Cannon takes things a bit further by suggesting that meat comprised only small parts of the diets of celebrated athletes and warriors throughout history. Cannon asserts that dieticians and trainers have been fed a sludgy porridge of misinformation and half-truths, assertions that he backs by scientific facts, case studies and more than 30 years of research into health and fitness issues. Cannon’s new book, “Why Everything Your Trainer Ever Told You Is Wrong,” debunks accepted fitness, weight loss and exercise practices with groundbreaking clarity and rational thought.

The book’s title makes a bold statement, but Cannon supports his position with medical literature, historic examples and thoughtful analyses. Cannon has established solid credentials in fitness, self-motivation and personal training disciplines. Like many martial arts enthusiasts, Cannon was inspired by Bruce Lee at an early age and pursued judo and other martial arts certifications. Cannon’s accomplishments include earning a first-degree black belt in Arjunken Karate, a second-degree black belt in Arnis and other certifications. In 1999, Cannon became a Level Three instructor in Jeet Kune Do, having studied under Steven Golden, one of the original students of Bruce Lee.

Classic Myths and Misconceptions

Classic fitness myths include the idea that the Roman Empire’s legions and gladiators consumed lots of meat to stay in fighting trim. Austrian forensic anthropologists disproved this theory by chemically analyzing the bones of ancient gladiators and soldiers. Dr. Fabian Kanz and professor Karl Goldschmidt discovered that the idolized fighters of history ate vegetarian diets rich in carbohydrates and vegetable proteins. Beans, barley and dried fruits comprised the diets of these super soldiers.

Cannon understands that his book’s title generates some skepticism, but he stands by the conclusions. “I think after you read the book…you will not only agree but also tell your friends about it.” The book includes practical advice on losing weight, getting in shape, increasing energy and stamina, and living free from pain.

    The book includes recipes and cooking instructions.

    Nutritional advice includes how to order healthy foods in restaurants.

    Cannon promotes balance in training and diet to enhance self-motivation and stimulate natural hormone production.

    Blended shakes or smoothies play an important role in this comprehensive exercise and fitness program.

About Ty Cannon

Ty Cannon brings together his research, training insights and fitness experience to help people live more balanced, healthier lives. Cannon has promoted health clubs in Southern California, owned a Gold’s Gym franchise, and studied classic martial arts disciplines, and he brings natural marketing and people skills to physical conditioning projects. Cannon has developed the Martial Fitness and Body Transformation programs and hopes to ignite core changes in the health and fitness industry by stripping away misinformation and educating everyone about how to get in shape and stay healthy.


    Ty Cannon Personal Trainer

    Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    Phone: (714) 580-3922


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