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MythBusters Case#6: The College Conspiracy

The question of college is a pressing concern for most high school students:  to go, or not to go, that is the question.  Inevitably they come face to face with one of the most persistent myths in American education today.  Don’t miss “The College Conspiracy”  documentary at the Biblical Concourse of Home Universities.  It will save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Myth:  A four-year college education is the ticket to success in life.

To address this myth, we prevailed on the talents of free-lance writer, Robert Wimer.  Mr. Wimer is the President of “Desire A Difference,” a business consultant from Trenton, Missouri.  His passion is to help individuals, groups / organizations and small businesses leverage technology that will get their voice heard in the online and offline world, as well as helping people create proper mindsets that allow them to not only acquire more wealth, but keep it.


The Myth About Education, Success & Wealth

By Robert Wimer

On a wonderful spring day long ago, I had a toothache, and it was terrible. Like most people, I disliked going to the dentist for obvious reasons, but when you have to go, you have to bite the bullet. When I got to the waiting room, Dr. Doe (name omitted) got me in right away. I sat in the chair with the paper napkin on my chest and a bright light in my mouth awaiting the king of pain.

Dentists invariably talk to their patients when they have a whole mess of machinery and metal in your mouth, but amazingly they can understand every word that comes out, even when you speak only in vowels. He asked me what kind of work I was doing.

“Well, I’m going to get my certification, so I can work on computers.”

He knew that I dropped out of college, so the questions were invariably set up to guide me in a verbal corner so he could dispense his brand of logic & wisdom.

“Now Bob…(I was at the age where I was being called “Bob”)…you’ve got to go to college, get your degree so you can get a real job. This cer-ti-fi-ca-tion business is just plain silly.”

You got to understand that when you are depending on a person to alleviate your pain, and when he’s holding a drill with shaky hands near your mouth, you have to bite your tongue and listen.

For thirty minutes, I listened to his pretentious wisdom and to this day I don’t know which was more painful, the root canal, or his ignorance. In the end, I was grateful for his skills…skills that could have only been acquired by going to a university. He cured my ills, but another set in soon after, the ill of ignorance, not on my part, but his. The idea that education and attending school are synonymous.

Depending on the path you choose in life, you will have to avail yourself of the resources of a higher education. Universities have resources, contacts, labs, and educators that can’t be found anywhere else, but if you want to make money work for you…to acquire true wealth, education is paramount, but not a college degree.

Within my lifetime, I’ve seen the requirements of students elevate just to get an average paying job. A high school diploma was all that was needed 50 years ago, then it was a college degree, then your masters, then a doctorate, and now, you have to have and continue to have extra hours on top of your decades of education. You have to stop and look at the grand scheme of your life… you want an education, to learn how to make money, and lots of it, work for you, or do you want a piece of paper to hang on your wall?

Unfortunately, in this world, 95 percent of people go the tradition route of what they call success… hard, go to school, get good grades, get a good job that has good pay, benefits, retirement, and save. This is what is taught in schools and in society, but the cold hard fact is that to make great wealth, you have to take risks, work smart, make your own opportunities, and never stop learning. Many students stop their education after the degree or the attainment of a few letters after their name. Getting a degree does not mean instant success, but it can mean instant mediocrity.

If you want to find a nice 5 to 6 figure job with great benefits, a spectacular retirement plan and work for a company that will show you no loyalty for all the years of dedication and education that you have invested, please, work hard, go to school, get good grades, look for a good job that has great pay, benefits, retirement, and save, in other words, be a slave to money and the antiquated ideal. If you want to learn how to make money work for you, take risks, make your own opportunities, start your own company, or better yet, own one, always be in a process of learning about everything, including money, and never let an old man tell you that what you are doing is just plain silly.

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