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MythBusters Case#3: How effective is Public Education?

Private education in colonial America produced the highest rates of literacy America has ever known.

Nonetheless, the public “common school” was sold to Americans in the early 19th Century on the pretense of providing literacy for all.   Going on two centuries now, the public school system has dominated the field of education, to the point that being without it has become unthinkable.   It has become a cultural icon (or idol) in America that commands a degree of reverence not unlike that of the “high places” in ancient Israel.

Myth: Without public education, we would be a nation of illiterates.

On the contrary, it’s more accurate to say we’ve already become a nation of illiterates with public education.  Education has become more “public” than ever, but the quality is in a tailspin, morally, spiritually, and academically.

American civilization did not begin in a bed of roses; it began in a rugged and hostile wilderness.  The early settlers had to fend for themselves and their families just to keep body and soul together.  They certainly did not have government to fall back on to educate their children.  They took seriously the admonition of Moses to the Israelites to obey God’s law in subjecting their children to a godly education.  According to Forgotten American History: Puritan Education By Sam Blumenfeld Printed in Practical Homeschooling #57, 2004, the Puritans put a high premium on teaching their young, bringing literacy and scriptural teaching to its high point in early America.  “To the Puritans, the education of children was uppermost in their minds.”  He also quoted a General Court order “…that all masters of families do, once a week, at least, catechize their children and servants in the grounds and principles of religion.

But you say, “Times have changed since those early years.”  Indeed, they have.  Our culture has drifted into a turbulent sea without anchor, sail or rudder.  As a result, many areas of life, including the field of education, have melded into a mindless monotone.  In recent times, we’ve seen the fruit of Union control of the public school system.  The reason it surfaced in Wisconsin is because Governor Scott Walker not only saw through the facade of public service unions; he had the courage to follow through.  Breaking the power of the Education unions is not without its consequences.  His vicious enemies have attacked his children on Facebook and bussed in thousands to intimidate his family in their home.  Do parents really want to subject their children to this type of mentality?

Sadly, many Christian schools rely on books produced en mass for public school consumption because they can get them more cheaply.  Buying propaganda to save a little money on books plays into the hands of these politically correct “educators” who created this poisonous atmosphere in the first place.


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On the bright side, however, we have modern technology undreamed of by our predecessors.  Government lockstep control has met its match in the internet.

Homeschooling has sent shivers up and down the spines of its enemies.  We have tremendous advantages that our forbearers did not have—instant communication of sight and sound.  We have no excuse.

Homeschooling families often organize into groups called co-ops, tailor-made to bypass the herd of the cookie-cutter mentality.  In addition, there are on-line opportunities to aid homeschooling parents with real time courses, complete with qualified teachers.  This can also be a benefit when economic needs make it necessary for both parents to work.  One such website is King’s Way Classical Academy  the world’s first on-line classical Christian Academy.  Here you will find Old School Teaching/New School Technology

This is our introduction to a series of detailed EDUCATION MYTH BUSTER articles.  The best is yet to come.  Please don’t jump to conclusions by any negative reports on the homeschooling issue.  If you already know the truth, spread the word.  Remember Proverbs 18:13.  “He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him.”  Stay tuned. Your comments and questions are always welcome

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