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MYTHBUSTERS CASE#2: “I Don’t Have The Skills To Teach My Older Children At Home”

Homeschooling preschoolers is a manageable responsibility for the typical  young mother.  Most of us can read, write and compute, so communicating the basics of these skills to our little ones is normally not too difficult.

When they hit junior high however, it often becomes a different story.  “I don’t have the required skills to teach my junior and senior high schoolers at home,” is a common refrain.

But the record shows otherwise among those who accepted the challenge and pressed ahead any way in spite of their perceived limitations.  Testimonies abound from parents who claim to  have learned more than their children in the process of teaching them.

It gets in their blood.  Furthermore, the excitement is contagious.  It gets in their children’s blood too.

MYTH:  I don’t have the skills to teach my older children at home.

Even parents who did not do well in school often develop a love of learning in later years and ask, “What was I thinking?”  Their lack of formal training is overshadowed by their ardent desire to create in their children the thrill of learning new things and analyzing them through independent thinking in the light of Scripture.

While the “trained professional” is not always on the spot to answer pertinent questions, the parent is always there, even after so-called school hours.  Furthermore, the parent will answer these questions more acceptably to the parent’s worldview and understood more clearly by the child.  There is no mystery as to what the child is being taught.

Such a sacred stewardship demands close oversight.  What could be more sacred than building Character, knowledge, and wisdom in your children?  And who could be more concerned about this than loving parents.  Formal training on any level can never replace this sense of responsibility.

Sometimes parents are intimidated by the high and mighty.  There is no need to be.  Nobody is better equipped than parents to teach their own children.  Their foundation of love and concern provides the strongest foundation on which to build all the other necessities consisting of enthusiasm and informal training as you teach.

Even in a co-op, parents become intimate with each other as they develop their particular skills and share them among themselves.  King’s Way Classical Academy  is an on-line co-op, designed to aid homeschooling parents.

The Academy is well structured, but it does not replace the parents’ oversight.  Parents often listen in and urge a question or comment in behalf of their child.  Everyone learns

as they listen and respond.  Sometimes both parents have to work, but the child’s teachers are always accessible to parents.  All correspondence with the child is also sent to the parents (If they have a separate email) so they always know what assignments are required.  This keeps everyone on the same page.  Parent-teacher-student coordination is essential.

Case closed:  Parents, never doubt your ability to teach and contribute to the efforts of co-ops on line or off line.  Thus, we have driven another nail in the coffin of doubt on the road to family independent thinking by thinking God’s thoughts after Him in the field of education, with a helping hand from Educational MythBusters.

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