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MythBusters Case#10: How Safe Are Our Public Schools From Homosexual Predators?

You might well ask how safe are our public schools, period.  So why are we focusing on homosexuals in this particular case?  Is there is a devious mind-set afoot in high places breaking ground for acceptance of a perverted lifestyle?  Doesn’t the gay community consist of a particular group of people who simply want to be accepted socially and economically as other minority group?  For example, how does same-sex marriage threaten heterosexual marriage?  Why can’t they peacefully coexist?  Furthermore, what has all this got to do with public schools and predators?

Myth: We should  just treat sodomites fairly and let them have social benefits that real married people enjoy?

Several states have already legalized same-sex marriage  A case in point is the Maryland state legislature’s passing of such a bill and Governor Michael O’Malley’s signing it into law.  It is to become effective on January 1, 2013, but the people of Maryland are not buying it.  Enough petition signatures have been gathered to place it on the ballot as Question 6, which many hope to be voted AGAINST.

Michael Anthony Peroutka of The American View tells us why in no uncertain terms under the following headline:

Maryland’s Question 6 Is About Government-Authorized Child Abuse

For years now, the sodomite lobby in Annapolis has been desperately seeking to redefine the God-given and God-ordained institution of marriage. Now the people of Maryland will cast their votes to approve or to disapprove of this foolishness.

During this entire time, the sodomite strategy is to appeal to your sense of fairness: “Why can’t we just treat sodomites fairly and let them have social benefits that real married people enjoy?”

Here’s what they are NOT telling you:

The reason why it is so desperately important to homosexuals to redefine marriage in written “un-law” has little to do with “fairness” and much to do with gaining access to straight, normal, decent Maryland children from straight, normal, decent Maryland families.

You see, homosexuals can’t reproduce. So they must recruit.

Please consider carefully: Homosexuals can’t reproduce. So they must recruit. And the best place to recruit is in schools where they can have unfettered access to children—your children—and your grandchildren.

Public schools are where the recruiting goes on and on and on. It is being made part of the curriculum. In pre-kindergarten, your children are being taught that queer is good and it’s good to try it. They are taught to disregard the morality of their parents. And if you vote “yes” on Question 6, this tampering with the morals of your children will become official public policy.

Stripped of all its phony “fairness” language, what is being pushed is nothing short of government-authorized perversion of Maryland children. It’s a license for child sexual abuse.

I have heard from multiple sources that in the homosexual community, you and I are referred to as “breeders”—that is, suppliers of children that they desire to convert to their death-style.

We urge you not to fall for the phony “fairness” routine. Vote “Against” on Question 6. —Michael Anthony Peroutka

Case closed: So, same-sex marriage is only one part of this hydra-headed monster.  Several states have already imposed on their citizens a redefinition of this God-given institution of holy matrimony.

 Now you can see why we cannot be silent in whatever state this deceptive rhetoric poses its active danger.

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