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Myth-Busting the Lives of Preschool Teachers and Why They Deserve Our Utmost Appreciation

Carlsbad, California (PRWEB) November 26, 2014

Learning Genie was founded on the idea that in the typical Early Childhood Education classroom, teachers are under-appreciated, parents are under-informed and students are missing out on opportunities to expand on their growth at home.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the ed-tech startup company felt it appropriate to hone in on that first point: Early Childhood Educators are under-appreciated. So, the Learning Genie team traveled to Southern California preschools and interviewed teachers about some of the toughest parts of the job. What they got was an overwhelming amount of insight into the misconceptions that these educators face on a daily basis. One of the recurring misbeliefs is that preschool teachers “play all day” and act as stand-in babysitters. The reality of it is the complete opposite. One teacher from Kids’ Care Club in San Diego explained,

“When people think that we play all day, they don’t realize that the children are learning through their play. We give them things like Play-Doh to help them develop the muscles in their hands so that they will be able to hold a pencil and write.”

Another preschool teacher added, “When the children are ‘just painting’ they’re learning spatial recognition and developing social skills and vocabulary while they talk about their painting with friends. People tend to underestimate what kids are capable of.”

It quickly became clear that the “play” we often associate with preschool actually consists of carefully planned developmental activities, helping to strengthen some of the most important foundational human skills.

To spread the word, Learning Genie took these insights (along with many more) and crafted shareable quote memes for social media. Paired with the hashtag #LearningGenieGivesThanks, these posts are meant to encourage the general public to thank the Early Childhood Educators in their lives.

A further look into some of the honesty being shared this week on Learning Genie’s social media pages:

•“Every time a child poops their pants, I think, I’m not getting paid enough for this.”

•“We don’t join this profession because it’s easy—it’s definitely not. We work in this field because we have a passion for it and truly want to see the children succeed.”

•“When parents acknowledge me and recognize that I’m a teacher and a professional and that they appreciate me—that makes me feel good.”

While preschool teachers don’t have it easy, nor do they “play all day”, it doesn’t take much to show them you care. So, parents, now is the time to spread the love and appreciation for those passionate educators in your child’s life.

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