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Khanna Vision Institutes announces launch of an interactive lasik vision app on its website

Los Angeles, Ca (PRWEB) January 29, 2015

Khanna Vision Institute is excited to launch a new app that will provide a person with all the information needed in order to make a rational choice for vision correction procedure. This interactive tool provides information about Lasik and refractive eye surgery, SuperLasik, Pi in Eye, Visian ICL and more. The app also helps one understand the best option for a person based on age, eye prescription, eye shape, dryness and hobbies.

Khanna Vision Institute’s new app allows people to determine what the best vision correction procedure is for them. This interactive content is a new and unique approach, which allows this website to stand apart. It is heavily conversational and engaging. ‘Better Vision’ is a virtual conversation that answers prospective patients’ specific questions, giving them only the information they are looking for in a timely and engaging way. “Learning about Vision and Lasik vision correction]will be finally fun. Hopefully we will be able to dispel fears and myths about Lasik vision correction and refractive procedures” said Dr.Khanna

About Dr. Rajesh Khanna, MD:

Dr.Khanna is the founding medical director of Khanna Vision Institute with offices in Beverly Hills and Westlake Village.

Dr. Khanna has been helping spread vision education. His book “The Miracle of Pi in Eye” has been translated in three languages. He also hosts a TV show titled “Medical Magic” on Firstrun.TV. As a columnist for various newspapers and magazines, he is able to educate people on eye health topics. Some of these newspapers are Acorn, Moorpark star, Malibu Chronicle and Santa Monica Observer.

Rajesh Khanna, MD has also been hosting interactive radio shows in Los Angeles. People can call in their questions to clear their doubts. “Hangout with Laserman” allows a person from anywhere in the world to post their queries on Google hangouts to Dr. Khanna. Khanna Vision Institute actively supports charitable foundations like Impact and Wounded Warriors.

About the App’s Developer – SmartGenies:

SmartGenies is a software that allows businesses to quickly and easily create Interactive Content and distribute that content via web, mobile, social and email channels. SmartGenies provide solutions for every department of a company (marketing, sales, training, FAQ, customer support, product, HR, etc.).They specialize in converting technical, boring literature into easy to understand interactive topics.

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