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“I have a mom. But who is my dad?” – 40% of US Babies Yearly Born to Unmarried Women

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 19, 2014

Last year, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) announced that the US birthrate fell to “another record low” in 2012, following a long, steady slide since the Baby Boom after World War II. The U.S. fertility rate was 63.0. That was down from 63.2 in 2011, the previous all-time low.

In addition to this statistic, also for the second year in a row, 40.7 percent of the babies born in the United States in 2012 were born to unmarried mothers.

In comparison to numbers from 1980, the percentage of American babies born to unmarried mothers has more than doubled. At the year of 1980, only 18.4 percent of the US babies were born to unmarried mothers.

Marriage expert and US bestselling author Hellen Chen, who has appeared in over 200 media interviews speaking about the subject of marriage and family in 20 countries, noted, “When marriage itself is declining, the family unit will go and thus society will go. We don’t need wars. The country is falling apart from within — at our homes.”

A Forbes magazine writer Mark Adomanis who specialized in Russian demographics published an article recently titled “‘Dying’ Russia’s Birth Rate Is Now Higher Than America’s”

According to Adomanis, Russia has been increasing its birthrate while US has been steadily declining for the last 10 years. As of 2012, Russia’s birthrate surpassed US’s numbers.

The above statistics may raise questions regarding whether US families have changed in structure or whether marriage has become “inconvenient” due to the high possibility of failure and thus forgoing it altogether is the best.

“The public has been very mis-educated on the subject of marriage and family. ” said Chen.

“Wherever I have traveled in the world, I have met individuals telling me because of the demands of their careers, family matters must take a back burner. Or how marriage is overrated because of the high divorces rates or how economics must come first and thus delaying babies is the right thing to do.” Chen added, “Everyone runs around in fear and yet no one looks at how our older generations manage families and marriages despite having less financially.”

In Chen’s love seminars, she emphasized the need to learn the subject of love and marriage among adults and she cited the lesson of how to have a lasting marriage is something which does not get naturally learned as “one grows up.”

Chen mentioned, “Falling in love is easy. But how do you continuously fall in love with your spouse for 40 years? The success of a marriage is not luck nor looks nor your career!”

Chen added that some parents are ill-equipped to properly educate their children about the opposite sex and some cautious parents manage to convince the young adults to “delay marriage until one has career success.”

“But that is usually too late.” said Chen, “Having career success does not mean you will do well in a marriage. How many people will reach some kind of career success in their 20’s? So if someone delays family matters until the age of 30’s and 40’s, he or she has already lost valuable time in finding someone suitable.”

Chen has also played matchmaker to over 100 men and women and has earned the title of “Matchmaker of the Century” as she helps individuals who are unwilling to get married to eventually say “I do.”

To share practical advice on relationships and to debunk common marriage myths, Chen has published 22 books. Her most recent 2 releases “The Matchmaker of the Century” and “Hellen Chen’s Love Seminar” became the number one best selling marriage and relationship books on Barnes and Noble.

Her next new book “What Schools Don’t Teach You: The 10 Most Important Lessons for Life” will be released by the end of May this year. This book covers the secrets to living a successful life where no other self-improvement books have. It teaches a person how to win in his or her endeavors in enormously satisfying and fulfilling ways.

More information about Chen’s books and marital concepts can be found at the site: http://HellenChen.com

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