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Head Back-To-School With Roy Oppenheims Video Blogs on Real Estate and Foreclosure Defense

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) September 06, 2012

As students across the country settle in for another school year, Florida real estate attorney and legal commentator Roy Oppenheim offers homeowners the opportunity to educate themselves on key housing issues through his recently concluded “Summer School 2.0” video blog series.

Oppenheim, a blogger featured on Yahoo! Homes and HuffPost Live, offers five critical lessons through his YouTube channel which recently received its 100,000th view. On average Oppenheim receives between 30-40K views across his various web and social media platforms.

In these two-to-three minute videos, Oppenheim, a real estate attorney since 1989, offers the same practical advice he gives to his clients at Oppenheim Law. In this year’s Summer School series, Oppenheim talks to homeowners on both ends of the spectrum, whether they are facing the threat of foreclosure or are considering buying their first home.

He also points out two important legal issues involving the sale of residential real estate that homeowners may not know of.

•    Dealing With Process Servers

Oppenheim explains what obligations a homeowner has, and what obligations they don’t have, when being served with legal documents, such as a foreclosure notice.

•    When The Foreclosure Notice Hits Your Door

After a homeowner has been served with a foreclosure notice, Oppenheim walks homeowners through the first steps they should take to improve their chances of staying in their home.

•    Obamacare’s So-Called ‘Real Estate Tax’

Oppenheim explains the details about a new tax on investable income that will go into effect in 2013.

“There has been many half-truths and some blatant lies told about a tax on real estate sales that is included in Affordable Care Act,” Oppenheim explains, “The reality is very few home sales will fall under this new tax.”

•    If Mortgage Debt Relief Act Expires

Oppenheim has long been a proponent of short sales as a viable alternative to foreclosure, but he wonders if Congress can be counted on to keep loan forgiveness income as tax-free income. He explains why it is crucial for homeowners to start now if they are considering selling their home via short sale.

•    What To Tell Your Kids When They Buy A House

As a real estate attorney and the father of three young adults, Oppenheim is uniquely qualified to help parents walk their own children through an important time, buying their first home. Oppenheim offers five tips for any first time homebuyer, the same tips he will tell his kids when it is time for them to put down their first offer.

“One of my most important duties as a father is to be prepared when my children ask the tough questions,” Oppenheim says. “I want other parents to be equally prepared.”


From Wall Street to Main Street, Roy Oppenheim is a Florida real estate attorney focusing on foreclosure defense, and loss mitigation. He is a guest blogger for Yahoo! Homes and comments regularly on real estate law and policy in the national media. Oppenheim Law reports the highest rating (A-V) conferred by Martindale Hubbell Law Directory, the most respected directory of lawyers and law firms in the U.S.

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