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Getting Started

Getting Started Guide

Now that you know something about the mission, method and benefits of the King’s Way education for your child, let’s get started. We’ve tried to anticipate remaining questions in the FAQ section or you can call with no obligation (see About Us).

Enrollment is as simple as the proverbial 1-2-3 or A-B-C. Once enrolled you’ll be able to access all your online learning material, plus the off-site features that enhance your learning experience. Things like the conferencing system and the Engrade system for tracking your progress and communicating. You can learn more about these features in the Video Tutorial section, also on this tab, or in the series of orientation emails.

A is Activate your Account. Whether you’re opting for the “shopping cart” approach or our more economical “$1000 Diploma Program,” each student needs to set up an account if you haven’t already. Click the log-in button in the upper right corner of the home page and complete the short form.

An email will immediately be sent to your in-box. Read the email and click on the web link to confirm your account and log you in. Record your password in a safe place. You are now registered as a student.

B is Buy your courses. Examine the schedule, noting that first semester courses are typically prerequisite to second semester courses in a given subject. Choose courses best for you without regard to grade level. There is also a calendar.

Decide if you want 1) to enroll in our “$1000 Diploma Program.” (recommended) or 2) buy individual courses in a “shopping cart” format. With the former, a $60 annual fee is added for books the school publishes and sells in the bookstore. They will be e-mailed.

For the diploma program, first, click the “Lock in your seat now…..” link under the Baby Bunny video on the home page. Second, complete the student’s application form Third, you will be sent to the shopping cart. You may 1) pay the $1060 up front or 2) make 4 payments of $290. The list of required textbooks published by King’s Way appears on this page also. Print it.

For the individual course registration, first, go to the Course Descriptions box on the home page and second, drill down to select the desired course. Third, click the course name with red letters in the upper left corner and the shopping cart will appear.

The Shopping Cart option requires that you select and pay for one course at a time from the entire list of course offerings. Tuition for the basic self-taught courses is $25 and $230 for the premier courses. These meet live online twice a week with an instructor. PayPal is required for payment. It is also possible to enter the payment module by clicking a link next to the individual course description, which is accessed near the bottom of the home page.

If you don’t have an online payment account, you can set one up at You are now authorized to access the course via the Course Categories box on the home page.

C is Confer with the registrar and enroll in your courses.

Having completed application and payment, call the registrar to assist with final course selection and class enrollment (see About Us). The registrar will counsel with you in making your final choices and then activate each of your courses on the King’s Way site. The registrar will also assist you in making the correct required textbook purchases for your courses.

Participatory Scholarships are available for all enrolled students. The “$1000 Diploma Program” requires 22 credits for graduation.

There is a Scope and Sequence Planning Guide available to assist you in the curriculum planning process. Although students are not bound to take courses within a grade level, there is a Scope and Sequence of Courses by Grade Level and by Curriculum Category available for planning purposes. The individual course descriptions may be accessed from the list of Course Categories on the home page. Credit may be granted for previous work by submitting the standardized form to the registrar.