D.O. “Oliver” Woods, Dean of Admissions & Recruiting

Telephone. (503) 433-7733, Email: Admin@KingsWayClassicalAcademy.com

  • Mr. Woods is headmaster at Kingsway and President of OnPoint Market Strategies, a copywriting and digital marketing company. 

  • He has authored six books on theory and practice in political science and history. Education includes a Master’s Degree in Education, a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and completion of the Graduate Program in Bible & Theology at Multnomah Bible College in Portland, Oregon. 

  • He founded King’s Way after noticing that a lot of the Christians being elected to public office were not well-grounded in Biblical principles of economics, government, or Christian culture. He has written and designed most of the curriculum for the school.

Pastor Paul Michael Raymond, Dean of Theology,
Biblical Worldview & Economics

Telephone, 434-352-2667 / 434-941-1895, Email. pastor@hisglory.us


  • Rev. Paul Raymond is one of America’s premier experts on the application of Biblical Law to the culture and government. 
  • He is director of New Geneva Leadership Academy in Appomattox, Virginia. New Geneva Leadership Academy is an explicitly Christian college, independent of any state control. Most junior and senior level classes at King’s Way receive dual-credit at New Geneva. 
  • Pastor  Raymond’s background includes training in martial arts with the late Bruce Lee, so his classes are always well-disciplined.

Eric Cummings, Dean of Humanities

Telephone: (708) 954-7121, Email: somedaysomwhere@gmail.com


  • Mr. Cummings is Dean of the Humanities Department. He teaches English and oversees classes in Shakespeare, Rhetoric, debate, and logic. He has taught on-line and off-line at Triton College, Ashford University, Miller-Motte College, Colorado Technical University, College of Healthcare Professions, University of the People, and the U.S. Army. Here are just a few of the many complimentary comments he has received over the years:

  • Caring, Gives Good Feedback: “He is an AWESOME instructor… very prompt & helpful from beginning to end. I would most definitely take another class with this instructor.” (English 122 Student)
  • Tough Grader, Accessible Outside Class: “Professor was very involved and graded assignments quickly. Grading was tougher than previous classes but fair.” (English 122 Student)
  • Gives Good Feedback, Respected: “I have enjoyed having Mr. Cummings as my instructor, I’ve learned a lot and have improved my writing skills. He is very professional and has been appreciated…I look forward to the start of ENG122.” (English 121 Student)

Mr. Daniel Lebowitz, Dean of Mathematics

Telephone: (541) 292-8758, Email: dlebowitz22@gmail..com


  • Mr. Lebowitz graduated from Southern Oregon University with a B.S. in Mathematics with Minor in Math Education. He graduated CumLaude and was a Ford Foundation Scholar. 

  • He went on to Oregon State University for an M.S. in Mathematics with Minor in Statistics. 

  • He has taught online and offline at a variety of schools, including Johns Hopkins University, Indiana Wesleyan University, and Rogue Community College, among others. 

  • Students love him for his ability to make tough math concepts easy to understand. ”

Mr. Jonathan Roberts, Dean of Grammar School/Latin

Telephone: (347) 288-4346, Email: jpatroberts@gmail.com


  • Like many of our instructors Mr. Jonathan Roberts divides his teaching time between several collegiate institutions in addition to the King’s Way Online secondary school. This of course gives King’s Way the unique advantage of tapping into “the cream of the crop” in the pool of upper-tier, instructional quality. 

  • Mr. Roberts has taught introductory Latin courses multiple times for various institutions, and brings with him a unique method that is not bound to the traditional textbook approaches. In addition to the King’s Way online Christian school, he currently teaches Logic and History at a homeschool co-op, and teaches Latin to pastors, seminarians, and graduate students at the Davenant Latin Institute, and a Latin course at Roman Roads for high school and middle schoolers. He is thus experienced and comfortable teaching Latin at virtually every age level.

  • Beyond his expertise in the mechanics of the language itself, Mr. Robert’s classes benefit from his depth of knowledge in Medieval and world history. He earned his Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Missouri at St. Louis, which adds richness and variety to his teaching style. He has a unique ability to engage with and motivate his students.


Dr. James Bartlett, Ph.D. P.E., Science & College Consultant

Email: DrBartlett@biblicalconcourse.com

  • Dr. Bartlett has served as a consultant and college advisor. He was instrumental in developing the Biblical model of accreditation at King’s Way.  This approach grew out of his 15 years experience on the Regional College Accreditation Review Committee in the Upper Midwest Region. 

  • He has served as Director of the North Dakota Home Educator’s Association and ran for the State Senate in 2010. 

  • Dr. Bartlett learned secular humanism in automotive technology (A.A.S, NH Vocational Technical College, 1979), mechanical engineering (B.S. General Motors Institute & Purdue University, 1983 & M.S., North Dakota State University, 1989), and Engineering (Ph.D., North Dakota State University, 1992). 

  • He received Christ in 1983 and began his true education (Proverbs 1:7) with the decision to home educate his boys in 1994 (Deuteronomy 6:7). 

  • Dr. Bartlett taught and performed research in bone biomechanics, aircraft manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing engineering for 15 years at North Dakota State University. 

  • His 10 years of industry experience derive from General Motors, Northwest Airlines, and his currently active consulting business. 

  • The Society of Manufacturing Engineers awarded him the prestigious Sargent Americanism Award for innovatively teaching the business of manufacturing in 2003.

Alina Fischer, Director of Rhetoric & Classical Core Studies

Email: alinafischer998@gmail.com

King’s Way is proud to present Alina Fischer as our gifted Rhetoric instructor — fluent in English, German, French and steeped in the classical canon.  With a degree in Education and extensive experience teaching, mentoring and counseling children, Alina is the perfect fit to head up the Rhetoric and Classical Core Studies department at King’s Way online.  She’s also equipped with a minor in history, adding flavor and depth to her instruction in the Classical Core subjects.  She loves telling children the truth of Christ and the Bible and is burdened to present the truth of God as the antidote for the leftist agenda that is prevailing so heavily in the public schools.