Meet Your Instructors

Reverend, Dr. Paul Michael Raymond, Theology,
Biblical Worldview


Telephone, 434-352-2667 / 434-941-1895, Email.


  • Rev. Paul Raymond is one of America’s premier experts on the application of Biblical Law to the culture and government. 
  • He is director of New Geneva Leadership Academy in Appomattox, Virginia. New Geneva Leadership Academy is an explicitly Christian college, independent of any state control. Most junior and senior level classes at King’s Way receive dual-credit at New Geneva. 
  • Pastor  Raymond’s background includes training in martial arts with the late Bruce Lee, so his classes are always well-disciplined.

Mr. Dave White, Science


Telephone: (503) 995-1231, Email:


  • Dave White Is a Chemical Engineer with graduate studies in statistics. With a lifetime of experience in research science, Dave is far more than just another science teacher with a degree. His research is having an international impact . He’s currently working on debunking the myths surrounding Climate Change and exposing the real problem. He has 30 years’ experience since graduation in 1984, promoting environmental responsibility and health of all species. This wealth of practical experience enriches all of his classes and engages his students in real science.
  • Dave’s experiment on U.S. 26 East, just west of Portland, Oregon, shows that the forested area by the zoo is consuming all the carbon dioxide from 160,000 vehicles per day. The conclusion is that planting native shrubs and trees next to highways plus or minus 50 degrees’ latitude will consume all the carbon dioxide emitted from the vehicles.
  • Dave’s current research focus is on evaporation from the ocean, rain forest destruction effects on atmospheric CO2 rise, and diffusion of CO2 through the atmosphere. Climate Change Truth Inc. ( reveals that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports are inaccurate. His personal interaction with several governments has resulted in more than 14 billion trees planted due to the science he presented and some have stopped deforestation of their rainforest as a result. Already this has had a measurable impact worldwide and 10 billion more new trees are scheduled for planting in each of the next eight years.
  • During his tenure at Oregon State University Dave worked on a cross flow counter current scrubber for coal fired power plants. In 2007, Dave along with Dr. Tom Wallow produced a paper on ArF double patterning for semiconductors. This multi-patterning scheme is widely used in today’s semiconductor manufacturing plants. In 2011, Dave started a consulting business for Semiconductors and in 2017 he launched Climate Change Truth Inc.
  • Dave teaches Chemistry, Biology and Physics, in addition to medical ethics. He is passionate to share with students the truth behind the pandemic of junk science that plagues our world today.

Mr. Jonathan Roberts, Grammar School/Latin


Telephone: (347) 288-4346, Email:


  • Like many of our instructors Mr. Jonathan Roberts divides his teaching time between several collegiate institutions in addition to the King’s Way Online secondary school. This of course gives King’s Way the unique advantage of tapping into “the cream of the crop” in the pool of upper-tier, instructional quality. 

  • Mr. Roberts has taught introductory Latin courses multiple times for various institutions, and brings with him a unique method that is not bound to the traditional textbook approaches. In addition to the King’s Way online Christian school, he currently teaches Logic and History at a homeschool co-op, and teaches Latin to pastors, seminarians, and graduate students at the Davenant Latin Institute, and a Latin course at Roman Roads for high school and middle schoolers. He is thus experienced and comfortable teaching Latin at virtually every age level.

  • Beyond his expertise in the mechanics of the language itself, Mr. Robert’s classes benefit from his depth of knowledge in Medieval and world history. He earned his Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Missouri at St. Louis, which adds richness and variety to his teaching style. He has a unique ability to engage with and motivate his students.


Mr. John Forster, American History & Government & Economics

Telephone: (503)577-7189, Email:


  • Mr. Forster’s understanding of history is informed by a lifetime study of the Bible and Bible prophecy. His early training at a dispensational Bible school emphasized the inner devotional life and a future in heaven, but not much of God working through human culture before the second coming (Psalm 2).
  • Marriage and homeschooling six children brought a new, positive future-orientation and the relevance of God’s non-optional principles for society. As he immersed himself in source-document history and tracking world events in the new millennium, the blessings and cursing’s of the Bible took on new meaning for law, economics, and history.
  • Understanding the limitless authority of Christ in heaven and in earth brought new meaning to the Great Commission, and a no-neutrality view regarding His authority to define crime and punishment for our civil leaders in the here and now. Over decades, study of history in light of the Bible completely reversed his perspective on Bible prophecy, American “freedom of religion,” the Constitution, and all that Hollywood has taught us about America’s endless saga of war. He enjoys nothing more than engaging students in discussion of these vital principles that are so essential to our survival as a nation.

Mr. Daniel Lebowitz, Mathematics


Telephone: (541) 292-8758, Email:


  • Mr. Lebowitz graduated from Southern Oregon University with a B.S. in Mathematics with Minor in Math Education. He graduated CumLaude and was a Ford Foundation Scholar. 

  • He went on to Oregon State University for an M.S. in Mathematics with Minor in Statistics. 

  • He has taught online and offline at a variety of schools, including Johns Hopkins University, Indiana Wesleyan University, and Rogue Community College, among others. 

  • Students love him for his ability to make tough math concepts easy to understand. ”

Dr. James Bartlett, Ph.D. P.E., Science & College Consultant


  • Dr. Bartlett has served as a consultant and college advisor. He was instrumental in developing the Biblical model of accreditation at King’s Way.  This approach grew out of his 15 years experience on the Regional College Accreditation Review Committee in the Upper Midwest Region. 

  • Serving on the visiting college review committee, Dr. Bartlett realized that the institutions were reacting much like their students cramming for a final exam.  Every five years there was a mad scramble to “clean house” before the review committee arrived and then everything would “return to normal.”   The all-important teaching function and content was beyond the purview of the committee because of tenure.  Dr. Bartlett realized that this was giving parents a false sense of security. 

  • He has served as Director of the North Dakota Home Educator’s Association and ran for the State Senate in 2010. 

  • Dr. Bartlett learned secular humanism in automotive technology (A.A.S, NH Vocational Technical College, 1979), mechanical engineering (B.S. General Motors Institute & Purdue University, 1983 & M.S., North Dakota State University, 1989), and Engineering (Ph.D., North Dakota State University, 1992). 

  • He received Christ in 1983 and began his true education (Proverbs 1:7) with the decision to home educate his boys in 1994 (Deuteronomy 6:7). 

  • Dr. Bartlett taught and performed research in bone biomechanics, aircraft manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing engineering for 15 years at North Dakota State University. 

  • His 10 years of industry experience derive from General Motors, Northwest Airlines, and his currently active consulting business. 

  • The Society of Manufacturing Engineers awarded him the prestigious Sargent Americanism Award for innovatively teaching the business of manufacturing in 2003.