Economics 2


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Course Overview

Economics 2 

Instructor:  Pastor Paul Michael Raymond 
Phone: 403-352-2667

Course Description

This course covers the basic principles of economics from
a Christian perspective. Starting from the nature of man as the basic economic
actor it moves on to a consideration of foundational presuppositions derived
from the Bible. The course expands student knowledge of economics by using
basic principles to answer everyday questions about the way the world works. 

Instead of dry discussion about contrived scenarios of how many
“widgets” a factory should produce, the course applies theory to real-world
questions in order to derive economic insight. In some cases we may not reach a
definitive conclusion, but discuss alternative explanations of economic
phenomena. The latter include factors of production, distribution, the market
system, supply and demand, pricing, and the theory of the firm. 

  • Tuition:    $275 Premier   
  • Mode:      asynchronous
  • Offered:   Fall                           
  • Textbook: Economics: Principles and Policy From a Christian Perspective

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