Economics 1


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Course Overview

Economics 1 

Instructor:  Pastor Paul Michael Raymond 
Phone: 403-352-2667

Course Description

Basics of economic theory is presented by tracing the development of economic thinking through history, using the “Great man” approach.  The course emphasizes theory as the foundation of sound economic application.  But theory is not of necessity dull when subjected to intense Biblical analysis. All required readings are provided through online Lessons, internet links, and the text  Productive Christians In An Age of Guilt Manipulators by David Chilton.

  • Tuition:    $275 Premier        OR        Tuition:     $25 Basic
  • Mode:      Instructor                            Mode:      Self-taught
  • Offered:   Fall                                     Offered:   Fall or Spring
  • Textbook: Productive Christians         Textbook:  Productive Christians

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