Chemistry 1b


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Course Overview

Chemistry 1b

Instructor:  Mel Munsayac 

Course Description

This course is built around the award winning Apologia science textbook “Exploring Creation with Chemistry”.  Algebra I is prerequisite.  Course is a rigorous foundation in chemistry, in preparation for college-level study, coverning the following topics:

  • Nomenclature            Acids & Bases
  • Significant Figures    Redox reactions
  • Units                          Solutions
  • Classification             Atomic Structure
  • The Mole Concept    Lewis Structures
  • Stoichiometry            Molecular Geometry
  • Thermochemistry     The Gas Laws
  • Thermodynamics      Equilibrium
  • Kinetics

  • Tuition:    $275 Premier           
  • Mode:      Asynchronous                     
  • Offered:   Spring
  • Textbook: See above   

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