Art History


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Course Overview

Art History 

Instructor:  D.O “Oliver” Woods 
Phone: 503-658-0385

Course Description

A knowledge of art is necessary to communication in the
modern world. This course covers art principles and techniques from the point
of view of the Medieval/Renaissance period. An overview of the history of prominent
artists of the period is presented with reference to corresponding trends in
philosophy and music. 

An Art Gallery module links students to the works of the
masters on line. The student is introduced to and gains facility reproducing
basic shapes — the “alphabet of art.” A studio module contains
exercises in visual perception, visual-spatial organization, and attention to
detail which build confidence and fundamental skills. Concepts of space and
perspective are mastered by practice, and will further enable the student to
build upon the foundation of these fundamentals in Art II.  Text for the Course is Art History by Barry Stebbins.

  • Tuition:    $275 Premier   OR   Tuition:     $25 Basic
  • Mode:      Asynchronous          Mode:      Self-taught
  • Offered:   Fall                           Offered:   Fall or Spring
  • Textbook: See above               Textbook:  See above

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