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American History & Literature 

Instructor:  D.O. “Oliver” Woods 
Phone: 503-658-0385

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There’s no understanding American History apart from the covenant theory of civil government. Most Christian historians equate John Locke’s secularized social contract with the Biblical covenant model. However, they are direct opposites and cannot be reconciled.  You’ll find out why in “The Book of the Covenant – A Handbook of Biblical Law For Leaders of Church & State.”  

“Covenant & Crisis In American History” reveals critical differences in  the U.S. Constitution of 1787 and earlier covenant documents in the colonies. Key evidence is in the Preamble and Article VI. 

Failure to grasp these vital distinctions has led to a history of cultural conflict and crisis, punctuated by a violent civil war and numerous overseas conflicts. This unfolding drama is traced through seven eras.  It begins with the Puritans’ noble, but abortive, attempt to establish a covenant government on American shores.   It looks in turn at the Neo-classical, Romantic, Centralization, Realist, Modern, and Deep-State eras. Each section contains an overview, timeline and representative poetry and prose.

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  • Offered: Spring 
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