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American Government & Law 

Instructor:  D.O. “Oliver” Woods 
Phone: 503-658-0385

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American Government & Law is a unique analysis of the U.S. Constitution from a Biblical vantage point. “Discipling the Nations – The Government Upon His Shoulders”  (DTN) takes a sober look at history behind the Constitution. It revisits mostly Christian, Anti-Federalist objections of men like Patrick Henry, raised in the Virginia Ratifying Convention.  Much needed critique of critical weaknesses, as well as strengths. Strengths are Biblical division of power, federalism and republicanism. 

However, the Constitution ‘s failure to acknowledge any Power higher than itself tacitly rejects any Divine absolutes in the civil realm. As  “The Book of the Covenant — A Handbook of Biblical Law for Leaders of Church & State” (DC) ably demonstrates, America’s social problems are rooted not primarily in our departure from the Constitution, per se.  Rather they lie in hidden seeds of humanism buried deep in the heart of the Constitution itself.  Compares Mosaic Constitution of Exodus 20-24.

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