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Compensation Programs, Inc. is Busting Health Care Reform Myths

Lincoln, NE (PRWEB) November 16, 2014

Compensation Programs, Inc. (ComPro), a health insurance brokerage firm located in Lincoln, Neb., is launching their Myth Busters campaign as they ramp up for Open Enrollment, beginning Nov. 15. The campaign focuses on educating the public about some of the fallacies that exist about health care reform or changes that have taken place over the course of the year to the Health Care Reform act.

“We’ve seen from the most recent questions, there is still confusion over the Health Care Reform Act, even though this is the second year. Questions about open enrollment, policy changes, deadlines and how to have an active policy by January 1st,” said Chris McPike, Vice President of ComPro.

ComPro will be working to dispel some of the confusion and misinformation that’s circulating about health care through their Myth Buster segments. Some questions ComPro will address include Do I need a new policy for 2015? What happens if I don’t do anything? Will the Premium Tax Credit that I received in 2014 continue in 2015? I received a letter saying that my policy will not be offered in 2015 – now what do I do? How much will my premium increase in 2015? Visitors to ComPro’s website and Facebook page can learn the answers to these questions and more by visiting

“The Marketplace has opened and that means we are now able to show the benefit plans and premiums that are available to small business owners, individuals and families and can assist people in determining if they are eligible for financial assistance that will lower the cost of their premiums,” says Brian McPike, President of ComPro.

ComPro diligently studies the products, changing regulations and fluid marketplace in order to design the programs that best serve their client. For more information about ComPro, please contact Brian McPike at brianmcpike(at)comproins(dot)com or visit

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