Compare the Savings

King’s Way Classical Academy is committed to providing the finest instruction available anywhere—in an existing school, a private school, or on the web—at the lowest cost to our students. Our “$1,000 Diploma” Program is impossible to beat, but even our individual course prices are the lowest available. The $1,000 tuition fee covers instructor salaries and basic operational expenses of the school. How are we able to accomplish this?

  • As an internet-based portable schoolhouse, we have no mortgage or overhead
  • Acting as our own book publishers and curriculum developers, we further reduce operational costs. This allows us to offer world-class, Ivy League preparatory courses for a fraction of the price.
  • We also have the benefit of mobility—for parents whose career involves frequent travel, or for parents looking for an alternative to the public school “battle zone”, King’s Way Academy can go with you, anywhere, anytime.
  • Over 3 in every 10 of the classes at King’s Way Classical Academy are priced at a nominal $25, which can dramatically reduce the overall cost of your education. In effect, every student goes to school “on scholarship.”
  • In comparing the costs of King’s Way Classical Academy with other Christian on-line schools it is important to remember that there really is no comparison. That is because King’s Way Classical Academy is the world’s first 100% web-based Classical Christian Academy. Thus, we are dealing with the proverbial “apples & oranges”.
  • Although tuition fees at other online schools are often in flux, you will find that in general our cost per term averaged over the entire six years is about $559 per term. This compares to an average of at least $900 per term for other online Christian schools.