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City Council Candidate 42nd District Derek Booker calls for Campaign finance law change.

(PRWEB) September 3, 2003

Committee to Elect Derek Booker

P.O. Box 357

New York, NY 10030


Contact Person: Phil Andrews

City Council Candidate 42nd District Derek Booker calls For Campaign finance law change.

City Council candidate 42nd district Mr. Derek Booker is calling for campaign finance law change. Taxpayers are paying out tens of thousands of dollars to City Council members’ campaign coffers – even though the politicians face little opposition in their races.

Three City Council members have requested the maximum amount of public matching funds from the Campaign Finance Board.

Two City Council candidates have requested $ 82,500 in taxpayer funds under the city’s controversial 4-to-1 matching program.

Candidates participate in the voluntary Campaign Finance Program, then the city matches contributions to their campaigns at a ratio of 4 to 1. The program awards a maximum $ 1,000 for $ 250 contributions, in return for candidates agreeing to spending limits. The public pays for every council member running for office.”

New campaign finance laws would prevent the city government from wasting thousands of dollars in races where challengers have not raised nearly a fraction of their opponents fund-raising efforts.

Unlike in the past, candidates this year must write a letter to CFB explaining why they need more than the $ 20,625 minimum matching funds. Brooklyn community leader Derek Booker makes political strives toward 42nd District City Council seat in Brooklyn. Mr. Derek Booker’s Campaign focuses on key quality of life issues for residents in the 42nd District in Brooklyn. City Council candidate Derek Booker 42nd District Gains momentum in primary race for City Council 42nd District seat. Mr. Booker platform encompasses a variety of issues on quality of life such as 1) Police back on the beat 2) zero tolerance for elected/appointed government corruption 3) premium education with accountability 4) affordable housing 5) property tax rollback 6) lower taxes 7) empowerment zone for Pitkin Ave. 8) a comprehensive medical/senior resident building 9) Campaign finance law change. Derek S. Booker, 47, born in Kings County Hospital. Raised and educated in Brooklyn, by Jacqueline L. Booker, a single parent along with my younger two brothers, Richard and Keith, and only sister Denise. Mr. Booker has been a resident in Brooklyn for over 47 years. He has also been a servant in the public service sector for 15 years, as a law enforcement officer. He is a member of the NYC Correction Guardians Association, Fraternal Order of Police, and Veterans Quality of Life Access Network. I grew up in a loving, traditional setting, despite no father present, with my Grandfather and Great Grandfather living under the same roof. We frequently attended Marine Baptist Church as children, located across the street on Bergen Street and Rochester Avenue.

I attended Public School #83 and #353, where I was an Honor Roll Student and Valedictorian at graduation. I then attended Intermediate School #55 in Ocean Hill, Brownsville, where I received my first “15 minutes of fame”, as a member of a local #5 member boys group called Techniques/Domains. I attended Boys and Girls High School and Medgar Evers College, where I majored in Biology.

9/11 has changed the world and our community, as we know it, forever. Our leadership has to be up to the task at hand, to prepare our community for the “21st Century”, but this will take “A NEW VISION AND A NEW CONSCIOUSNESS” in order to lead and serve our community properly. This vision will not talk about reparations, but preparations for our children, our young folks and our seniors. This consciousness will not play the blame game, but the same game that has been successful for every ethnic group coming to America. A plan, opportunity, focus and hard work. Too many of our young minds and souls are lost to ignorance, idleness, incarceration and death.

I have lived throughout Brooklyn and presently reside in Canarsie, so I see and understand our concerns and see the relationship between the miseducation or lack of, high-crime statistics, businesses not investing in our community, unclean streets, joblessness, poor housing, homelessness and our apathy for seniors.

These problems/issues plague and destroy not the community now, but also its future. As your next Councilman, I will bring “A NEW VISION, A NEW CONSCIOUSNESS”. To contact the committee to elect Mr. Derek Booker for City Council 42nd District, Brooklyn you may log on to web site at Vote for Derek Booker 42nd District City Council on the Democratic line in the primary of September 9, 2003.

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