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Choices Brings Documentaries to a Wider Audience by Dropping DVD Prices to $19.95

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 15, 2009

Choices Inc., a specialty distributor of documentaries, educational programming and feature films, announced a new campaign to expand availability of its DVD titles through new lower pricing, effective January 6, 2009. The company has lowered the price of all catalog titles to $ 19.95 with the exception of new releases. The decision was largely motivated by the country’s current economic climate and ties in with the company’s mandate to make documentaries more accessible to both educators and consumers.

“We believe that documentaries are dynamic teaching tools both in the classroom and at home. It is our goal to broaden the documentary viewing audience by making them accessible to educators, librarians and consumers. By repricing them affordably we believe we can accomplish this,” commented Gina Draklich, Sr. VP of Choices.

Included in the new pricing are popular titles such as “In the Tall Grass”, the 2007 ALA Notable Video of the Year following one woman’s search for justice through Rwanda’s grassroots justice system known as gacaca, “The Perfect Life”, a sobering look at five kids from Harlem and their struggle to overcome adversity and personal tragedy, and “Dateline Afghanistan” which goes behind the front lines of journalists covering that country’s ongoing conflict.

Other titles with the new pricing include “Elie Wiesel Goes Home”, “Daughters of Afghanistan”, “The Poetry Lounge Series”. “Checkpoint”, “Radiation: A Slow Death”, “Missing, Presumed Dead”, “Keepers of Memory”, “The Concrete Revolution”, “Panihari”, “City of Bees,” “Letters From Iran”, “Awakening”, “Reckless Indifference”, “Through My Eyes”, “Saz: The Palestinian Rapper for Change”, “Hanging with the Sloth”, “A School of Their Own”, “The Miseducation of Pakistan”, “Joyce to the World”, “Our Feathered Friends”, “Rumi Turning Ecstatic”, and “Vaccinations? Assessing the Risks and Benefits”.

Choices titles are available through select retail and online outlets. Orders may also be placed at or by calling 1-888-570-5400.


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