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Bibliomotion Wraps Up the Fall 2014 Season with The Gen Z Effect

Boston, MA (PRWEB) November 11, 2014

Bibliomotion is thrilled to announce the launch of the last book of their fall 2014 season: The Gen Z Effect: The Six Forces Shaping the Future of Business by Tom Koulopoulos and Dan Keldsen.

In the book, the authors explain the foundation of the Gen Z effect, which occurs when the simplicity and affordability of technology unites generations, rather than divides them. They use the “six forces” to demonstrate how this phenomenon will shape the workplace, and why it is imperative for businesses to embrace its effects.

Click here to listen to a discussion of The Gen Z Effect with the authors on Financial Spectrum.

Below, the authors share their inspiration for the book in an interview with Bibliomotion:

What inspired you to write The Gen Z Effect?

TK: In our work we’ve seen far too many companies and people get stuck in generational thinking. We wanted to write a book that went against the conventional wisdom about generations.

DK: There are so many lazy stereotypes about generations. It’s time we owned up to it as a society, and did something about it. The chance to come full-circle and tie up the generation gap myth once and for all, was an invitation from Tom that I couldn’t resist!

What was your favorite part of the writing and publishing process?

TK: The collaboration. Having a few years between us we had our own perspectives. It was pretty interesting to look at something from an entirely unconventional perspective.

DK: I’ve always preferred being a collaborator – so a project like this was a great opportunity to really put myself to the test. I certainly feel that collaborating made this book much richer than either of us doing it on our own.

Being able to pull from the 13 years we worked together, and the 7 years that had passed since then, made for a wealth of experiences and connections that should find a hook for just about anyone.

Who do hope reads your book? What do you want them to get from it?

TK: This may sound cliché, but everyone needs to get this new way of thinking, at least if they expect to stay in the game.

DK: Absolutely – to borrow a phrase from Jim Champy, it’s time for a generational re-engineering. We are ALL Gen Z – some people just haven’t realized it yet. We have a few things to say that might help.

Who was your #1 influencer for your work?

Our kids!

What are you reading right now?

TK: Email, Twitter, and Facebook! What’s on my nightstand might be a better question. Christine Bader’s The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist and Jonathan Berman’s Success in Africa.

DK: Who has time to read? Nobody reads anymore! Just kidding. (One of many myths to knock down.)

Like Tom, I am glued to email, Twitter and Facebook as we power out of the gate with the book coming out, with early reviewers, buyers and fans spreading the word around the globe.

Otherwise, I’m spending most of my time “reading” by learning as we describe in the book – small chunks, audio/video, and often in an online learning environment.

Beyond that, I’m continuing to dive into research and books with a behavioral spin to it – economics, health, marketing, sales, education. As we describe throughout the book, behavior is what we need to hone in on. How to usefully measure behavior, know what behaviors are good or bad (for an individual, for your company, for marketing, etc.), and how to tilt those behaviors in an appropriate direction.

It’s a great time to be alive – we’re really ripping off the blinders for a LOT of myths we’ve accepted. Welcome… to The Gen Z Effect!

About The Gen Z Effect:

One of the most profound changes in business and society is the emergence of the post-Millennial generation, Gen Z. While every new generation has faced its share of disruption in technology, economics, politics and society, no other generation in the history of mankind has had the ability to connect every human being on the planet to each other and in the process to provide the opportunity for each person to be fully educated, and socially and economically engaged.

What might this mean for business, markets, and educational institutions in the future? In this revolutionary new book, The Gen Z Effect: The Six Forces Shaping the Future of Business, authors Tom Koulopoulos and Dan Keldsen delve into a vision of the future where disruptive invention and reinvention is the acknowledged norm, touching almost every aspect of how we work, live and play. From radical new approaches to marketing and manufacturing to the potential obliteration of intellectual property and the shift to mass innovation, to the decimation of our oldest learning institutions through open source and adaptive learning, The Gen Z Effect provides a mind-bending view of why we will need to embrace Gen Z as the last, best hope for taking on the world’s biggest challenges and opportunities, and how you can prepare yourself and your business for the greatest era of disruption, prosperity, and progress the world has ever experienced.

About the Authors:

Thomas Koulopoulos is the founder of the Delphi Group, which for 25 years has been providing thought leadership on the intersection of business and technology to global organizations. He is the author of nine previous books, including Cloud Surfing, The Innovation Zone, and Smartsourcing. Said the late Peter Drucker, “Tom’s writing makes you question not only the way you run your business but the way you run yourself.” For the past two decades, his works have introduced core industry concepts, frameworks, and vernacular, such as the Single Point of Access, Touch Points, Digital Control Rooms, Corporate IQ, Smartsourcing, and Cloud Surfing. Visit him at

Dan Keldsen has over 20 years of experience working as a consultant, analyst and technology strategist, with clients from the Fortune 50, government, and non-profits. Dan co-led groundbreaking research on attitudinal differences and alignment between boomers and millennials in one of the earliest Enterprise 2.0 research projects (2007-2008), and was noted as one of the Most Influential Enterprise 2.0 Writers of 2009 by SeekOmega. Visit him at

About Bibliomotion:

Bibliomotion is a book publishing house designed for the new publishing landscape. While many publishers work to retrofit old processes for new realities, Bibliomotion was founded by book-industry veterans who believe the best approach is a fresh one – one that focuses on empowering authors and serving readers above all else. Moving away from the top-down model that has dominated the publishing process for years, we give each member of the team – including the author – a seat at the table from the very beginning and in doing so, work side-by-side to launch and sell the best content possible, making it available in a variety of forms.

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