Benefits - King's Way Classical Academy


Bargain Basement Tuition: Only $500 annual tuition. Lowest online. Our goal is to compete on price with the so-called “free” government schools. Now every family can afford a top-tier, classical Christian education. Whoever said that high quality and low price don’t mix hadn’t heard about King’s Way.

Classical Approach: The classical core of subjects was purged from the public school curriculum over 100 years ago by John Dewey. Now they’re back. These subjects are the time-tested essentials for teaching young people the lost tools of learning: critical thinking and communication skills. They include Latin, logic, rhetoric and debate.

Biblical Worldview: At King’s Way, worldview training is more than an obligatory cliché..Itstarts with a Biblical evaluation of the classics, replacing the “classical synthesis” that has plagued the church for two millennia.Several worldview lab courses focus specifically on evaluating alternative worldviews in light of the Bible (Islam, humanism, Communism, etc).Teachers strive to integrate the Bible into every subject.

Biblical Studies: Six courses in Bible survey and theology complement and balance our six courses in the classical literature. Study of the Great Book and the Great Books produce graduates with a world-conquering faith. Biblical studies alternate with, and complement classical studies

Great Man Approach: Representative figures and their “schools of thought” are studied in history, economics, art, music, etc. — the so-called “Great Man” approach to historical studies.This approach brings history to life and makes it one of the favorite courses of study at King’s Way.

Integrated Instruction: Senior level practicum/seminar integrates great books study program and ushers student into “real world” with live debates and community projects.The popular Time Machine accessed off our home page helps students integrate their studies.Each student develops an integrated Biblical worldview, beyond just mastering a group of isolated subjects.

Live Instruction: Interaction with real teachers is non-negotiable in the classical approach to Christian education. Students learn best in the context of dialectic exchange of ideas with their instructor and with their fellow students. The self-instruction approach of many of our competitors is good, but the dynamic classroom is better.

Dual Credit: In-depth transcripting and testing option for students aiming for top-tier colleges. Better yet, is our dual credit program for the Biblical Concourse and other select Christian colleges. This is the Biblical alternative to the decadent and outrageously expensive American college system.

Biblical Accreditation: Even with the best of intentions, the world’s system of institutional accreditation leads inexorably to destruction of quality in education.This is documented in numerous studies and real life examples, such as the deterioration of the formerly Christian Ivy-League colleges.Biblical accreditation of education is local and cannot be divorced from the church.

Try, Then Buy: Nominally priced introductory courses permit you to sample the program without significant financial risk.22 self-taught, self-graded, mostly on-line courses provide the rudiments of a classical, Christian education, within the price range of virtually every family.Only $25 per individual course.