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Award Winning Astronomy Guides Star Walk 2 And Star Walk Kids Come To Android

(PRWEB) March 16, 2015

Vito Technology, the award-winning developer of educational apps for Android and iOS, has launched two of its best selling astronomy guides – Star Walk 2 and Star Walk Kids – for Android. Star Walk 2 is the next generation of company’s best-selling stargazing guide, that has surpassed 10 million downloads to date. Star Walk Kids is an adaptation of the same app for the younger audience.

Redesigned from the inside out, new Star Walk 2 delivers an effortless journey through thousands of stars, comets, and constellations. New features include all-new interface, true-to-life 3D visualization of constellations, deep sky objects, and man-made satellites. All-new exclusive handcrafted artwork for constellations, inspired by minimalist low-poly art and stunning new sound effects create an unforgettable stargazing tool.

Important addition to the Star Walk 2 app was made in cooperation with scientists of Braunschweig University of Technology, who have been working on volumetric visualisation of deep space objects. As a result of this partnership, Star Walk 2 is the first astronomy guide to introduce plausible three-dimensional models of planetary nebulae.

Star groupings of the 88 officially recognised constellations are also presented in volume. Users can see them as separate entities, turn them around and take a look from the other side. Complemented by articles on connected myths and history, this is the most comprehensive collection of information on constellations.

Star Walk 2 is a sequel of the well-known Star Walk app that was released back in 2008 and has acquired more than 10 million users across the world on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, and Windows Phone. It’s been an educational best-seller for over five years and won multiple awards, including Apple Design Award in 2010. Star Walk lets users easily find and identify thousands of stars, satellites, and comets in real time. Using built-in digital compass and motion tracking, this stargazing guide turns the phone into a full-on planetarium.

Star Walk Kids is a more child friendly version of Star Walk that explains astronomy to the little ones with narrated animations and colorful graphics. Cartoon-style interface and friendly voice of the narrator effortlessly guide young astronomers through the night sky.

Star Walk 2 and Star Walk Kids will be available worldwide on the Google Play Store starting March 12th, 2015.

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Vito Technology Inc. is headed by CEO Victor Toporkov and has developed an impressive portfolio of products for Windows Mobile since it entered the mobile software market in 2001. The company’s latest endeavors include iOS and Web 2.0 software development. Vito Technology won an Apple Design Award in 2010 for its Star Walk for iPad app. The company consists of two departments: Research & Development Department and Marketing Department with 30 employees in total. Copyright (C) 2014 Vito Technology Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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