Author To Discuss How Schools and Culture are Unfriendly to Boys-Raising Cain Author Michael Thompson, Ph.D. to Chat at Teachers.Net - King's Way Classical Academy

Author To Discuss How Schools and Culture are Unfriendly to Boys-Raising Cain Author Michael Thompson, Ph.D. to Chat at Teachers.Net

(PRWEB) January 27, 2000

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 25, 2000

SAN DIEGO,CA — Michael Thompson, Ph.D., coauthor with Dan Kindlon Of

Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys (Ballantine Books,

1999) will chat online at the Teachers.Net web site on February 23,

2000. The chat session is open to all without pre-registration at for one hour beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Raising Cain examines the troubled inner world of boys in contemporary

society, exploring how our culture socializes and miseducates boys to

disregard their emotional lives. The authors explore the struggle of

young boys in early education as they try to meet the developmental and

academic expectations of a curriculum that emphasizes cognitive skills

which normally develop more slowly in boys than in girls. They assert

that grade schools often seem rigged against the higher activity level

and lower level of impulse control that is normal for boys.

Also examined is the trend toward medicating boys for attention deficits

(ADD and ADHD), and the tendency for our culture to distort the most

impressive qualities of boys–physical energy, boldness, curiosity, and

action orientation–into a punishing, dangerous definition of


Thompson is a preeminent child psychologist who lectures widely on

topics pertaining to the development of boys and also conducts

problem-solving workshops with parents, teachers, and students around

the country. A highly sought after consultant to schools, Thompson is

currently the staff psychologist of an all-boys independent school in

the Boston area. The coauthor with Edward Hallowell, M.D., of Finding

the Heart of the Child, Dr. Thompson has worked for more than fifteen

years as a child and family therapist.

Thompson joins a line-up of experts from the field of education who have

appeared online with Teachers.Net including Dr. Howard Gardner, known

world wide for his Multiple Intelligences theory. Teachers.Net hosts

live guests and peer-moderated discussions on topics of interest to its

international audience of educators on most week nights. All transcripts

are archived at

For more information about this session and other Teachers.Net events

contact Kathleen Carpenter, Director of Professional Development by

email at

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