Math 244

Instructor:  Prof. Daniel Lebowitz


Phone: 541-292-8758

Course Description

Builds on the knowledge of descriptive statistics learned in MTH243 to develop abilities in inferential statistics. Emphasis is on the understanding and application of interval estimating, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression, inferences using Chi-square, and one-way and two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA). Designed to provide students with the analytical skills they will need in upper division business courses including accounting, finance, operations management and applied research.

No textbooks are required because the course is self-taught on, a collaborative platform with the best free, open textbooks, and personal help available when necessary.  The format includes the opportunity for unlimited practice with multiple versions of problems and occasional video supplementation.   If the student gets stuck, he simply presses the help button to email his work to the instructor, who responds as a personal tutor. 

Our AP certified math instructor also serves as an adjunct professor at several colleges, including Johns Hopkins University. is the platform he uses to teach online in all of these venues.  Students should contact the instructor during the first week of the term for a personal orientation to the platform.

  • Tuition:        $230 Premier           OR       Tuition:        $25 Basic
  • Mode:          Tutor/self-taught                 Mode:         Self-taught
  • Offered:       Fall                                       Offered:      Fall or Spring
  • Textbook:               Textbook:
  • Calculator:   TI-83 or TI-84                   Calculator:  TI-83 or TI-84