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Here, students learn the following:

  1. Natural law vs. Biblical law in Western history
  2. How to defend the Biblical Philosophy in every area of life
  3. Science/math like they used to teach it in “the ‘50’s” when America was #1
  4. How to get a 4-year college degree without “the college experience.”
  5. “Stuff they don’t teach you in school” about life, love & starting a dynasty – not just a business
26 Reasons to Adopt King’s Way Classical Academy’s Real Education Today (Not Next Semester) . . . and 4 reasons to settle for a mere curriculum

There are at least Twenty-six reasons to adopt the King’s Way Classical Academy program with real, live instructors in a flexible, open-enrollment program for only $1,000 annual tuition.  Why wait until next term?  Classes are recorded for catchup.  There are also 4 reasons why this might not be right for you.

Reason #1: It’s not just a “freedom” worldview based on classical economics, but rather a “Biblical Liberty” worldview, based on God’s "Perfect Law of Liberty" (James 1:25 & Ps. 19:10). FIRST MONTH FREE!.

Reason #2: Optional Un-College Program. Eliminate all 4 years of college tuition -- just two years isn't enough. Get your BS/BA and high school diploma same day – Save $100,000 and get a 4-year head start on life.

Reason #3: Not strictly self-taught. Education is more than curriculum. Jesus didn’t hand His disciples a text book and say, “report back here next Tuesday for your final exam, guys”. It’s not just “Text + Test”

Reason #4: Ten percent of student grade is based on interaction with other students. Sharing solidifies learning.

Reason #5: Twice weekly interaction with live instructor, but not strictly lecture. Jesus’ discipleship model

Reason #6: History comes alive with the Christian bios in the “Clif Note” style for 100 Great Books authors. Students read key excerpts and provide written response to study guide questions.

Reason #7: Analyze Great Books excerpts via a Biblical grid, “taking every (system of thought) captive to Christ.”

Reason #8: Weekly quizzes solidify basic facts as the first step in the Trivium learning process: grammar phase

Reason #9: Great Books taught by Ph.D. college instructor, AP certified math by Johns Hopkins University, Science taught by an actual research scientist working in international circles to debunk global warming.

Reason #10: Two career tracks: College or trades orientation. Optional, Un-College Program eliminates need for the spiritually-toxic college campus and the hoard of cultural Marxist professors.

Reason #11: 3 years of Western Civ, includes omnibus study of theology, philosophy, history and literature

Reason #12: Two years of art history and music history parallel and enrich the study of western civilization

Reason #13: Full-year course comparing the U.S. Constitution with the Mosaic Constitution of Exodus 20-24. The great “need of the hour” is a return to the original intent of the Mosaic Constitution.

Reason #14: “Stuff They Don’t Teach You in School” term projects based on 4 aspects of Jesus’ growth: spiritual, mental, physical, social. For example, “How to invest in real estate” like a Proverbs 31 woman.”

Reason #15: Debate and 2 rhetoric courses teach communication skills: the 3rd step in the Trivium

Reason #16: One “Stuff They Don’t Teach You in School” project on how to start a “family bank” and eliminate the 50% of your lifetime income going to interest & taxes. Be a millionaire in 20 years or less.”

Reason #17: Every child graduates with a major in “Classical Christian Studies.” All deserve “the lost tools of learning,” regardless of career. Math/Science taught like in “the ‘50s,” when US was world leader.

Reason #18: Renowned Moodle Learning Management System motivates check off of learning activities

Reason #19: Two logic courses, Apologetics, and Worldview Lab teach critical thinking, the 2nd step in the Trivium

Reason #20: Parents have “final say” on doctrinal issues, by reading and approving all written work.

Reason #21: Recover “the lost tools of learning” (Latin, logic, rhetoric, debate, classics) for a lifetime of learning.

Reason #22: Live instructors for only $1,000 tuition ($130 a month), compared to $3,000+ for most schools

Reason #23: Parents or grandparents are engaged, but not overwhelmed, especially their pocketbook

Reason #24: "Working scholarship” to wipe out your tuition by enrolling friends. Easy with 1st month free.

Reason #25: First month free. Try before you buy

Reason #26: Money back guarantee? No need since the first month is free. Try before you buy, but please don’t enroll unless your child is serious. It wastes your time and ours.

Bonus Reason #27: For those who are cash-strapped:“How to Give Your Child the Rudiments of A Classical Christian Education At Home For Free.” Check out our introductory free course by that title. Two-hours in 10-minute segments, chock full of “the secret sauce” that makes for a spiritually nutritious classical Christian education. Then pick up the self-taught rudiments of a classical Christian education for only $25 a course. All ten 7th grade courses in self-taught format for only $250. After you set up your account, just hit the “Enrollment” button at the top-right on the home page and follow the simple A-B-C process.

Bonus Reason #28: If you enroll today, you can stop worrying about grades 7-12 tomorrow. It’s true that King’s Way will dramatically reduce your teaching load, and free up Mom to focus on the little ones. But unlike some, we don’t purposefully encourage parents to shirk their discipleship responsibility to their teen-age children. Rather we foster a family-learning culture, oriented around the dinner table
And we encourage you to repurpose the Family Entertainment Center into your Family Education Center. If there’s an Education Resource HUB in your community, your family, satellite “hub” can be tied in digitally for free. And you can access the expertise of local volunteer mentors in a variety of topics: science, personal finance, plumbing, Awana, you name it. Even sports eventually. Every Education Resource HUB is different, but all are dedicated to the goal of replacing the government school in your community with a private sector alternative.
If you’d like to help establish a HUB in your community to gradually replace the local public school, please let us know. We’ll provide a free, drip-marketing campaign to all families with school age children in your community (postcards, emails, text. When all the public school students are weaned away, your local Christian school can buy the building for pennies on the dollar.

Bonus Reason #29: The first month free is for the entire family. You can log in for free and check out every course description. Better still, when your child enrolls in a course, parents and the entire family get it for free. Everybody learns together around the kitchen table and the Family Entertainment Center, repurposed as the Family Education Center.

However, there are 4 reasons not to adopt the King’s Way Classical Academy program

  1. You’re willing to settle for a curriculum and not an education. Discipleship requires interaction.
  2. You’re willing to bear the full-bore cost of $100,000+ for a college education.
  3. You want accreditation. The quest for academic respectability destroyed the Ivy League. With our optional Un-College program who needs it? Eliminate the frantic quest for scholarships, grants, loans, and applications to “the best” colleges. They all fall on “the worst” end of the quality scale. Institutional accreditation is a joke. If you absolutely need a high school accreditation (e.g., nursing certification), your King’s Way Transcripts and about $300 will get your meal ticket punched when you need it.
  4. You’re willing to gamble that your child is not among the 70% who lose their faith in the government school system.